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Romanian visual artist Vladinsky is renowned for his signature abstract style of portraiture. The latest progression of his critically acclaimed 'Observer' recently appeared HOFA Gallery, London at their 'Fragments' exhibition. His artistic process, which reflects his approach to life, is spontaneous and passionate, a process of flow during which the essence of ideas, emotions and experiences take form on his canvas. We asked Vladinsky 5 questions about his work and future plans.
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Tell us about Fragments and your Observer series? Where has this vision come from? 

The title 'Fragments' relates to the way in which my work is composed. Each Observer is composed of elements that come together through the movement of my brushstrokes, each one contributing to the overall composition of the observer, but at the same time fragmented and therefore without any necessarily identifiable figurative elements.  My works, therefore, exist somewhere on the boundary between portraiture and pure abstraction. Furthermore, Fragments also relates to my ongoing exploration of this series as a whole. 


Describe the techniques you use in your Observer works? How complicated are your methods, and why is each step necessary? 

I work specifically with Acrylic on canvas. My process is very free-flowing, first of all by creating my preliminary designs with charcoal and then applying the paint directly onto the canvas, following the movement of the brushstroke to build the various layers, gradually finding a balance between darker and lighter elements that make up the Observers' composition. 


Why do you create? What are your stated goals in producing art? 

Creating art is vital for my state of mind, it is a calming and soothing process for me.  With regards to my goals, I think it is important to set seemingly unattainable goals in life in order to push oneself even further. Moving forward, I am interested in exploring my Observer series to its fullest extent. 


How has the art market in Romania and the Baltics developed in the last 10 years and where is the future for artists from this region on the international stage? 

It is not always easy being an artist in this part of the world, this is why I have endeavored to exhibit my work outside of Romania as well and to share my work with the international community. 


What is next for Vladinsky? What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are currently working on? 

The Observer series remains an important aspect of my practice moving forward, but I intend to explore the sculptural medium in more depth as I develop my creative practice. 

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