5 Basic Steps How to Use the Eyelash Curler & Get Breathtaking Results

The greatest ally of all make-up artists for a spectacular look!
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Despite its somewhat frightening look, eyelash curler is one of the greatest allies of striking looks with super powerful lashes and the darling of the best make-up artists - and soon it will be yours!


Although its use seems a little complicated, we guarantee that it is not! However, some precautions need to be taken so that the desired effect is achieved without you getting hurt or breaking your eyelashes. For this, Luzia Costa - founder of Sóbrancelhas and one of the leaders in beautifying the look and face - gives 5 simple tips how to use the famous eyelash curler and never abandon it. Check it out!

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1. The Ideal Model

Believe me, they are not all the same! Choose a model that is as compatible as possible with the shape of your eyes, thus avoiding unwanted pinches on your eyelid when using. In stores, you can ask for help when choosing the ideal eyelash curler.

2. The Perfect Fit

Using an eyelash curler will not break or pluck your lashes if you do it right. Fit it to the root, squeeze, hold and release, then remove it from your eyes.

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3. A Mirror Will Be Your Best Friend

A good and practical tip is to place the mirror under your face, at chest level. Observing the process from all angles will help you not to use the curler in a wrong position, making your job easier.

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4. Curve Before, Use A Mask After

It is ideal to use the curler with celan lashes. Any eyelash products should be used only after curling.

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5. Be Careful

Many people try to heat the accessory with a hairdryer to have an even longer effect, but be careful! Overheating can burn your skin and even damage your lashes, causing eyelash loss.

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