5 medium haircuts to copy

Whether you want to leave the locks at shoulder height or let the hair grow until the medium cut, the hair with intermediate strands has a feeling of freshness and is a new trend of the season.
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In addition, the cut can be versatile: add accessories, bet on a fringe, or some simple adjustments, as shown below.

The medium length fringe makes the cut look vintage and sophisticated.




Style your mid cut with the help of beautiful accessories, such as loops and bows.



Add texture to a medium cut with messy waves - almost that post-beach look but more elegant. Betting on different tones also make the strands stand out.


Pinning only part of the hair behind and letting the long bangs loose is an excellent resource to make the look cooler, like Margot Robbie does.


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton renders the power to add a good accessory. Hers is the velvet padded tiara!



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