Beauty Talk: Gisele Bündchen shocks by revealing how simple her skincare routine is

Über model participated in the first meeting between specialists and health professionals to talk about skincare with Dior
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One of the most famous faces in the world, Gisele Bünchen enchants for her incredible work as a model, her healthy lifestyle and, of course, her undeniable beauty. Which beauty secrets does she have? Many may believe that it is a routine with various cosmetics or even aesthetic procedures, but the 40-year-old model revealed that her skincare routine is quite simple.

In an interview with beauticians and health professionals organized by Dior, Bündchen was asked about her beauty and healthy lifestyle secrets.

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“I don't think it's just one thing, I think there are so many things, it's not just what we put on our skin but it's also how we're nourishing our souls, what material are we reading? What kind of conversation are we having? Where are we directing our energy, you know? Wherever our energy goes, it grows, ”says Bündchen. “We need to feed our mind, our body, our spirit, all together. I think that all of this is a combination that makes us feel good and when we feel good, we look better”.

"My skincare routine is super simple. As a mom, I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, so I keep my routine quick. I always wash my face and follow it with the Super Potent Serum. Every now and then when my skin is feeling dull, I will exfoliate it to brighten it up a bit, but I am careful not to overdo things because sometimes you can over-scrub the skin."

As for the type of product she likes, she explains that she likes simplicity when it comes to skincare: “I want to have a product that is simple to use, that is effective, that gives me what I want,” she adds.

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Dior Skincare Talk

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