Dive Deep Into Lyle XOX's Unique Performance Art

See some of the famed makeup artist's most intriguing and avant-garde looks in a new book out April 2019.
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In a world where artists are always struggling to create something new, Lyle Reimer brings to fruition a style of makeup artistry that is incomparable to anything else.  Donning a full face of makeup that combines mixed media with jaw-dropping pallets one could only expect from a talented celebrity makeup artist, Reimer showcases the furthest corners of his imagination in his debut portrait book, Lyle XOX: Head of Design.

The book, which is designed by renowned art director Fabian Baron, pushes the boundaries of beauty, demonstrating Reimer understanding of the convergence of makeup, fashion, and storytelling.  For each character reamer creates throughout the book, he offers a small blurb of their invented back-stories and his own creative interpretation of their personas. The Vancouver-based Canadian makeup and mixed media artist’s photo book is not the only work he has to show for himself, with an impressive 125,000 Instagram followers hooked on his intriguing work and past work featured in The New York Times, Vogue Italia, Surface, and GQ China, Reimer is a budding success.

Although reamers performance art is based in the world of beauty, the artist brings together found and recycled objects in order to construct a look that is unparalleled to any other makeup artist in the industry.  With a nearly indescribable collection of looks, perhaps reamer’s style can best be categorized as avant-garde, luxury, high fashion, drag costume makeup that also simultaneously belongs en vogue. As Reimer himself states, “Every day is an exercise in experimental play which follows the creative urge to push my own personal view of beauty.”

Scroll through the gallery of images below for a sneak preview of Reimer’s photo book.


Lyle XOX: Head of Design will be available April 2019 via Rizzoli

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