Four mistakes made by people with oily skin

Care for it is difficult, but possible.
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For those who have oily skin, for some reason, they always believe that they need to use the toughest cleansers, skip the step of applying moisturizer and immediately apply the densest tonal in the world. But this is an absolutely wrong scheme: on the contrary, the skin begins to produce more sebum, since it is dehydrated and lacks moisture. Below we tell about the most common mistakes and say why it is not necessary to do so.

Use products that dry skin

Add to your care cleansers, tonics and creams designed specifically for oily skin. Typically, they add ingredients that control sebum production and protect against bacteria. Look for water-based products that do not contain oil. We recommend the use of foam with soft components, thanks to which the skin remains moisturized.

Excessive skin peeling

If the skin is fat, you do not need to wash five times a day and do exfoliating and cleansing masks daily. Water only dries the skin, and hard care products disrupt the pH balance. It is best to wash twice a day with mild agents and exfoliate the skin twice a week. You can also begin to use acids, but it is better to first consult with a beautician.

Applying the wrong decorative tools

Perhaps the most important thing is to choose the tonal basis, which contains no oils, as they clog the pores. Also, if you are annoyed by the gloss on your face, set aside the tone with a shining finish and highlighters - they will only add excessive gloss. And instead of powder during the day, better blot your face with matting wipes.

Specially skip moisturizer in the care

Some believe that they can achieve the effect of matte skin without using face cream, but simply leaving the skin as it is. However, this is wrong: oily skin dries just like any other. Start with a gel or cream-gel, water-based and without oils in the composition. But get ready to find “your own” is unlikely to happen the first time. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, first take the travel-formats.

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