Givenchy is breaking with tradition with its one-of-a-kind new eye and lip products

Givenchy is breaking with tradition with its one-of-a-kind new eye and lip products, featuring high-tech textures that are bound to make a splash. OMBRE INTERDITE and ENCRE INTERDITE act as a highly successful duo combining long hold and comfort: they both provide intense smudge-proof colour for 24 hours, while offering sensory appeal. These designs by Nicolas Degennes, the House’s Artistic Director for Makeup and Colour, challenge preconceptions about make-up.
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For daring lips. Imagine if the powerful colour and comfort of

liquid lipstick were to be combined with the faultless hold of tint...

ENCRE INTERDITE takes lip make-up to a whole new level.

This water-based formula is a real showcase of innovation.

Like liquid lipstick, ENCRE INTERDITE covers the lips in an

intense, saturated, matte and fully-covering colour in just a

single application.

Like a traditional tint, it provides a smudge-proof flawless hold

and radiates the colour for over 24 hours. It also provides six

hours of hydration for a surprisingly comfortable effect. And its

film is so thin that you will immediately forget it’s there.

Carmine, fuchsia, rosewood, burgundy, dark purple, fiery red…

ENCRE INTERDITE is available in a range of eight shades that

all make a statement. The power of breaking codes, in a single



A call to enter forbidden territory, expressed in a single glance.

Maximum colour. Maximum coverage. Maximum comfort.

Givenchy is unveiling OMBRE INTERDITE, a unique eyeshadow

constituting a pure concentrate of colour which stays in place

for an incredible 24 hours and feels ultra-light.

Upon contact with the skin, OMBRE INTERDITE becomes a

full-coverage cream, saturated with pigments. It can be melted,

adjusted, accentuated or layered for a customised result and is

guaranteed to be water-resistant and to hold 24 hours without

smudging or even the slightest feeling of discomfort.


It will not feather, bleed or mark the crease of the eyelid, leaving

the colour intense, radiant and untarnished.

Subtly infused with mother of pearl, OMBRE INTERDITE is

available in four metallic shades - Pink Quartz, Gold Spirit,

Silver Blue and Outline Bronze - as well as in two radiant matte

tones: Graphic Nude and Vintage Brown. These six shades can

provoke turmoil with just a wink, from the moment you leave

the house in the morning to the end of the night...

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Double the mystery to double the attraction

Double trouble.

Double the mystery to double the attraction: OMBRE INTERDITE

and ENCRE INTERDITE are designed to join forces and act

as a duo. Givenchy explored endless possibilities to produce

three winning combinations: Ombre Interdite Pink Quartz

contrasts with Encre Interdite Vandal Fuchsia; the Gold

Spirit version forms a timelessly chic duo with the Radical Red

tone; and for ultimate audacity, the Outline Bronze shade can

be worn with the deep purple Encre Interdite Purple Tag.

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