How to choose the "divine" P50 Lotion that is suitable for your skin

Expensive price, difficult to buy products, and an odor that is difficult to smell, Biologique Recherche focuses all the elements that the beauty industry always “says no”. These “paradoxes” have become a powerful weapon to help the brand highlight a distinct beauty philosophy and create a foothold in the fiercely competitive beauty market.
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The original idea is not for the majority

Biologique Recherche was founded with the purpose of creating specialties in intensive spa treatments. Therefore, women cannot buy Biologique Recherche products in any retail system other than professional clinics, beauty centers and dermatology. With the starting point of the laboratory developing the formulations for products that have not yet reached market satisfaction, even though it was later expanded into a separate brand, Biologique Recherche remains highly specific, focusing on solving skin problems in detail.

Biologique Recherche's incredible skin-improving effect comes from the fact that the brand always adheres to the core principles: The product contains high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, extracts; quality and applicability are not compromised by the use of flavoring agents, and heat is not used in the formulation to preserve the full efficacy of the formulation. Biologique Recherche has been successful in proving the truth of "better wood better than paint" in beauty, although this "paint" is not easy to live with.

"God in a bottle"


From the first Lotion in 1970, until now, the P50 lotion has come up with 6 different versions, serving each need and skin condition: The P50 1970 is the first most powerful series containing Phenol for treatment. Acne is now only used in the US or a few other countries. The P50 comes next with a phenol-free formula for thick, rough skin. P50V is specially designed for aging, thin, sensitive, dry skin. P50W is the cleansing solution for sensitive skin. P50T is a version exclusively for Asian skin. Finally, the P50 PIGM400 is used to address pigmentation problems such as brown spots, dark spots, pigmentation, and freckles with a high concentration of niacinamide that is included in the formula.

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