I Believe in Pink

Say hello to a daringly bold pink in Givenchy’s new variation and most mischievous Eau de Parfum: Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush. This concentration of optimism cheekily flouts all the rules to unsettle sweet rosy pinks.
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It’s not just a colour, it’s a state of mind: that of a young woman who’s full of confidence and still has all the enthusiasm and spontaneity of her childhood. Her bold, lively, free spirit whips everything around her into a gentle frenzy.

Guided by instinct, she does as she pleases and follows her heart, which beats ever faster, matching her intense joie de vivre.

Feminine, spontaneous and playful

Feminine, spontaneous and playful, the Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush heroine embraces positivity; her laugh is her weapon and her thirst for life enhances her beauty! Her energy is contagious.

She is simply irresistible!
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Rose, the signature scent of the Irrésistible line, has taken a vibrant, bursting turn in this new variation. This fierce rose blends with pink and goji berries to subtly spice up the fragrance, while the patchouli-based chypre accord makes this floral bouquet irresistibly feminine.

Just like its captivating heroine, Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush reveals an abundance of vivid, powerful petals for even more boldness and femininity.

The slender, facetted bottle adorned with Givenchy’s trademark studs plays with the light, and its different shades of pink elicit optimism and modernity.

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