J.Lopez changes her hairstyle as a chameleon

Singer Jennifer Lopez unveiled a two-part video of the new hits "Pa Ti" and "Lonely" on YouTube a week ago, featuring at least a few different J.Lo hairstyles, from evenly combed long hair to curly bangs. But not only in the video clips, but also in real life, Jennifer changes her hairstyle as a chameleon.

In mid-September, with the introduction of her new clothing line collection, J.Lo was photographed with shoulder-length curls. Just a week later, the singer together with the fashion house Coach presented their collab results - the handbag "Hutton". In the ads photos we see that her beautiful hair was much longer. Again, couple of days later, on October 2, J.Lo shared a photo on Instagram, in which her wavy hair reach the hips line. Of course, all of these changes are just professionally grown strands, but the image is really glamorous.

Which hairstyle is best for Jennifer Lopez, who is celebrating her 51st birthday this year?

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