Meet the Maker of a Unisex Perfume That Smells like Afghan Kush

Kush is scent of choice.
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As Bill Clinton famously said over 25 years ago, "I experimented with marijuana a time or two and didn't like it. I didn't inhale and I didn't try it again." 

Thankfully, unisex clothing brand Wilde Vertigga has found the solution for Bill: a kush-scented perfume that one can inhale and enjoy, without getting high. 

The Wilde Kush cannabis aroma is based on a well-known strain called Afghan Kush, an almost 100% indica. It grows in the Hindu Kush mountain range and has an earthy scent with hints of pine, sandalwood, and lemon. It won't make you smell like a burning joint, and according to the brand's creator, it might actually be the best way to mask the smell of weed. 

Can you first describe why you created Wilde Vertigga, what was the inspiration behind launching a gender-neutral brand?

Wilde Vertigga is an asymmetrical, gender-neutral brand inspired by Oscar Wilde’s non-conformist way of thinking. Wilde Vertigga pulls inspiration from Japanese minimalist design, focusing on the importance of lines, form, space, light, and materials. Wilde Vertigga’s ethos is to translate these elements into garments that are harmoniously elegant and thought-provoking, exploring new ways of using materials, colors, and shapes.


You describe Wilde Vertigga as “a gender-neutral fashion brand inspired by Oscar Wilde and asymmetric shapes.” Can you explain what this means?

You will find asymmetry in every piece of clothing. There are asymmetric lines everywhere from the sleeves to the bottoms. Our boots are a shoe and a boot connected by one asymmetric line—yes, a shoe and a boot in one pair.


When did you decide to go into scents?

It all started 4 years ago when we sat down with Eybna and realized that a fragrance like this can be a catalyst in the scent industry, just like our fashion is a catalyst in the fashion industry. We strive for imperfection and the diverseness in cannabis is a good example.


Can you tell us about Eybna and their involvement in making the scent?

It was quite obvious to approach Eybna with that challenge as they stand out in their abilities to break apart the chemical profiles of unique cannabis strains. They are probably the most advanced company in that field, of understanding terpenes and the other aromatic ingredients that a cannabis smell and taste profile are composed of.


The Wilde Kush aroma is based on a famous landrace strain, “Afghan Kush”, which is one of the purest indica strains on the planet. Can you explain why you chose that specific strain?

Our unique research on the medicinal effects of cannabis, in collaboration with several Israeli academic institutes and Eybna Technologies, has interestingly leveraged us to solve challenges and produce aromas never smelt before. We were looking for an up to date yet edgy aroma and we found over 500 terpenes and other fragrance molecules come together in the Wilde Kush fragrance embodied by an uplifting, sensual aroma of sandalwood, lemon, and pine.


How is this perfume different from other Kush-flavored scents?

The Wilde Vertigga philosophy is finding harmony in asymmetrical shapes or situations. The cannabis speaks to their target market at the deepest levels. Conformist rebels as we call them. They care about their look and feel but they seek to be exceptional. Rebels after working hours. People who know and use the Kush are falling in love immediately since they relate to the scent in their everyday lives. And people that never got close to the flower before experience a new scent of a flowery, lemony and pine.


Smelling like weed isn’t always the best idea - can you describe the smell? How is it different from the smell of a burning joint? What I’m trying to say is, can I wear this fragrance without pissing off my mom?

The end results of this scent are a light, piney and lemony scent with sandalwood hints. Your mom will want to sniff you but will have no idea. Actually, it might be a good way to mask the scent of your next joint.


What is the motto of someone who wears this scent?

Inhale. And be exactly as you are.

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