Sleep Wrinkles: learn all about the famous facial wrinkles

Understand how your sleeping position can favor and anticipate the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles on your face
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Sleeping, without a doubt, is one of the best hours of the day. There will hardly be a better feeling than that nice nap after lunch, or lying in bed to rest after a long day at work gives us. But did you know that there are positions that can favor the appearance of facial wrinkles?

As a result of a natural aging process, it is a fact that we will all have wrinkles one day - and that's okay! However, some daily habits can favor and even anticipate the appearance of these signs of age, one of which is the position in which we sleep. For you to understand better, experts explain in detail why this occurs and how to avoid it. Check out!

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Wrinkles occur due to repetitive muscle action over the years combined with a decrease in collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for sustaining skin tissue and even though they are a natural characteristic of human beings, some factors directly influence the appearance of these so unwanted brands. For example, sleeping with your face 100% turned to the pillow or always on the same side can form static wrinkles due to the pressure and friction caused by the face contact with the pillow and we end up aging more asymmetrically, with deeper demarcations of the grooves and lines. These signs of aging are known internationally as Sleep Wrinkles.

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According to dermatologist Dr. Paola Pomerantzeff, the big problem is that these deep demarcations on the skin can get worse depending on your lifestyle, exposure to the sun and also your genetics, damaging the skin in several ways, such as: destroying skin proteins (collagen and elastin) and essential lipids, in addition to causing skin inflammation and creating mutations in the DNA. Some individuals are even more susceptible to photoaging, which is when the skin ages prematurely due to excessive sun exposure.

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For geneticist Dr. Marcelo Sady, some individuals may have a variant of the MMP1 gene that leads to increased production of the MMP1 enzyme that, in excess, degrades collagen, which is a very important constituent of the skin, causing wrinkles.

In addition, the subclinical inflammatory process caused by stress, obesity, lack of adequate sleep, poor diet and lack of physical activity, for example, can further accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

However, it is not a sentence, when we understand the genetic variants that we carry and how they influence our skin, we can design a more effective care to protect ourselves from photoaging, which ranges from food to the choice of cosmetic assets in the concentration we need, which can lead to the manipulation of the personalized cosmetic, explains Dr. Marcelo.

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How to prevent the famous sleep wrinkles?

To prevent it, a few basic precautions are enough, such as avoiding sleeping on a specific side or face down, always choosing to sleep on your back. But for those who do not have the habit of sleeping in this position and find it difficult to change the way they sleep, mainly because it is impossible to control involuntary movements during sleep, it is possible to take other measures to prevent these wrinkles.

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According to Dr. Beatriz, exchanging cotton pillowcases for satin or silk pillowcases is a good option, because while cotton promotes greater friction on the skin - which facilitates the formation of wrinkles and expression lines, satin and silk allow the face slide without traction, decreasing friction and, consequently, the possibility of wrinkle formation.

There are also pillows designed specifically to prevent these sleep wrinkles, which are designed to reduce facial contact with the pillow, such as neck pillows.

"It is also worthwhile to lightly massage the face in the morning, which, in addition to helping to reduce morning swelling by draining fluids, can also minimize the effects of night sleep." explains the surgeon.

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Moisturizing your skin is also a way to help prevent this change. The ideal is to invest in night creams with anti-aging action to stimulate collagen.

“This asset has a tensor effect on the skin, contraction of skeletal muscles and increased contractility and cell adhesion. In this way, it provides elasticity, firmness and tonicity, improving the contour and sagging of the face and neck”, says Isabel Piatti, specialist in Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

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However, for those who already suffer from sleep wrinkles it is possible to treat them through aesthetic procedures. For example, the application of injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, is a great option, because, in addition to filling in wrinkles, it is able to improve the quality of the skin as a whole.


Another treatment alternative, according to Dr. Beatriz, are skinboosters, injections also based on hyaluronic acid that promote deep hydration of the skin, making it silky and with less fine lines. But the plastic surgeon points out that, in the case of sleep wrinkles, the application of botulinum toxin is not effective, as these wrinkles are not formed by the action of muscles but by mechanical compression.


“For those who prefer less invasive treatments, peels are ideal for treating the most superficial sleep lines, as they promote skin renewal. Q-Switched and CO2 lasers and pulsed light can also be used to treat sleep wrinkles, and can even be combined to obtain better results”, she highlights.

“However, before opting for any procedure, the ideal is to consult a doctor. Only he will be able to evaluate your skin and indicate the best treatments for you, and he may even recommend the combination of procedures to treat not only sleep wrinkles, but also other signs of age, such as fine lines, blemishes and sagging."

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