The Complete Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

They have a fundamental role in the harmony of the face, but finding the perfect shape is not so easy. Fortunately, we can help you.
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Everyone knows that eyebrows are an integral part of our beauty routine. Capable of influencing expression and personality traits, knowing how to identify the ideal eyebrow shape is not as easy as it sounds. With this in mind, to clarify any questions on this subject, Daniele Carlim, trainer at the Embelleze Institute in São Paulo, Brazil, explains to us which shapes are ideal for each type of face and why.

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According to the professional, some sort of care is essential when it comes to the eyebrows. "They require a harmonious design, which matches the shape of the person's face. So today they are very much studied to create the perfect mold on each face. Even the size of the nose and the mouth must be taken into account."


Precision, symmetry, highlighting the most beautiful features: to get the perfect result, each person needs a different assessment. To find the ideal shape, combining faces with eyebrow shapes is the best technique to avoid mistakes.

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Oval Face

The oval face is characterised by a wider forehead and thinner cheeks. In this case, arched eyebrows with a light outline are usually a good option, but it is important not to overdo it.


“A slight angulation in the hairs brings all the balance to this face. Be careful not to arch them too much, as this may give a moody expression.”

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Square Face

In a square face, the cheeks are more prominent, and the chin is the part that usually attracts the most attention. Daniele Carlim advises to sharply divide the forehead region with a well-defined eyebrow and with a sharper curve at the ends which helps to soften expressions.

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In the case of a long face, a more horizontal eyebrow, that is to say a straight eyebrow, harmonizes perfectly.


“You have to avoid making your eyebrows too curved. This tip is essential to avoid giving the impression of an even longer face.”

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Rectangular Face

In this case where the forehead is more prominent than the chin, the professional of the Embelleze Institute specifies that the elongated and straight eyebrows allow to harmonise better with the face.

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Triangular Face

The triangular face is characterised by a small forehead, high cheekbones and a thin chin. Rounded eyebrows work great with this face shape, giving a full face and preventing the forehead from looking even smaller.

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Tips to Improve the Look

Along with well-groomed eyebrows that are defined according to the shape of the face, there are other tips that can help further improve the eye area and therefore the look.


“I don't recommend epilating immediately as soon as some of your hair grows back, because, due to its size, it is not yet ready to be removed. In order not to disturb the harmony of your brow line, your best companion will be the pencil to fill in and add volume. Choose a pencil with color so that the unwanted hair stays in the background and is not noticed.”

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Another trick is to increase the expression of the gaze. “Illuminating eyeshadow is a great ally to add style to your brow line. To do this, simply apply it to the outer corner, just below the eyebrows, to improve the contour and overall harmony. On the eyebrows themselves, a very useful tip is to comb the hairs upwards with a brush, and apply a transparent mascara. This technique is super trendy and really works.”

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