Skincare routines for beautiful skin

Let's take an advantage of staying at home to detoxify our complexion and adopt new skincare routine.
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When it is time to take shelter, it is high time to devote part of the day to our skin. Because if you want to counter the Covid-19, it is also important to adapt a beauty routine in accordance with the change of ambient atmosphere. Beyond a varied and balanced diet, the skin is also intended to reflect the quality of the products to which we submit it daily. We are changing our habits and finally doing good! Zoom on the good gestures to adopt in this direction.


We often hear the almost naive saying "Water is life". A remark which can leave us a smirk, but which is a reality. Essential for the proper functioning of our body, water gives the skin its luminous and plump appearance. When you drink enough, there is no need for a superfluous ighlight, since your complexion will be naturally glowy! During quarantine, we do not hesitate to walk around with our bottle (reusable of course, because we do not forget our ethics with events). When writing, we recommend that you combine practicality, eco-responsibility and well-being by opting for reusable Glacce glass containers. Their particularity? With this bottle, the water bathes in contact with precious stones (your choice: amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz or obsidian) which will bring you many benefits. The magic of crystals is no longer to be proven, it will soothe, according to your needs, stress, anxiety, help to heal a particular ailment, or even allow you to go through the challenges and transitions of life. An ideal choice in the period with which we are all confronted worldwide.

Exfoliate your skin

In order to offer our skin the best care, it is necessary that it can optimally absorb each product. To do this, gentle exfoliation is the ideal preparation step for any good routine. It can be a natural exfoliant, to be chosen according to your skin type (epidermis with oily tendency using those of dry or even atopic tendency). Suitable for any face, the Grain-free, biologically active Micropeeling with Garancia looks like the savior of our skin. With its 98% ingredients of natural origin, the astonishing product is inspired by the beauty rituals of purification from Japan, a country known for its ancestral remedies which are always miraculous. A real care combining efficiency and softness, its precious active ingredients cleanse, refine and regenerate the skin texture day after day. Small bonus: your man can even prick you some Pschitt from your bottle, since it is an excellent aftershave, relieving tightness and irritation while eliminating dead cells, for ultra-soft skin.

Plump the epidermis

After internal hydration, it is high time to move on to the external hydration of your skin. To do this, there is no need to overload your skin with any type of product, but to purify your routine. In the morning: a serum and a cream, then in the evening, an oil and a powerful mask. In the morning, our preferences go to Typology hydrating serum, enriched with 3% Hyaluronic Acid and 2% B5. A concentrate of active ingredients to rehydrate the skin, using very healthy and effective raw components over time. Once the latter applied, proceed to the application in all conscience of the transparent cream with the strong hydrating power WASO of Shiseido. This ultra-hydrating and invisible cream contains carrot cells, for instantly plumped up skin. In fact, intense hydration is provided thanks to the carrot cells, allowing an immediate effect on the complexion, which is plumped up and nourished for the whole day. In the evening, Clarins oil wins the prize list. Formulated with 100% pure plant extracts, the treatment restores vitality, radiance and freshness to dehydrated skin. The combination of a blue orchid extract and patchouli essential oil tones and revitalizes thirsty skin, while the nourishing hazelnut oil prevents dehydration, but also softens and satinates the skin. Then, for a cocooning effect until we are asleep, finish with the application of the LaNeige hydrating night mask . A veritable bestseller in the world, it is the first night mask that flows every 11 seconds internationally as its action is incredible. It works during the night by providing a high dose of hydration thanks to its hydro-ionized mineral water, but also provides restful sleep thanks to its innovative composition, infused with vitamins and minerals. A winning quartet which, combining a few cosmetic essentials without chemical agents, will be able to provide each complexion with a new natural radiance.


Let your face breathe

You might as well take advantage of a healthy environment, without pollution, cozy in its previously purified interior, so as not to be forced into the make-up stage. The benefits are no longer to be proven, so we apply to follow this rule. Your skin will thank you, even if the transition can first destabilize. Exit foundations, BB creams, powders and other superfluous eyeshadows. Like a Gwyneth Paltrow, a Gisele Bündchen or an Alicia Keys, you wear your naked skin with pride and, as the days go by, you will wake up more and more. Much more than a makeover, this simple decision to wear bare skin will allow you to reconnect with your body, and accept every little detail of your face. If, during the day, your skin is tight, makeup will be of no use to you! On the contrary, your skin will then require more hydration, and you can refer to the creams mentioned above. Finally, to have an effect on your eyelashes while making them feel good, we leave aside the mascara and we prefer to coat our little pilose folicules with castor oil. Certified organic and 100% natural, castor oil is recognized for its protective and antioxidant properties. Its thick and nutritious texture makes it an ideal care for the protection and fortification of the eyelashes, and will confer a light glossy aspect for a natural but refined look.

Counter viruses, toxins and other bacteria

In this quarantine, bet on aromatherapy in direct cutaneous application. We often forget them, previously associated with hippies and today not yet praised enough, but these small essential oils of everyday life are miraculous when used wisely. Niaouli, for example, has always been used to purify water in New Caledonia. In essential oil, niaouli is renowned for its respiratory, invigorating and balancing properties. But above all, the association of essential oils of noble laurel and ravintasara is of particular interest to us. Combining the medicinal properties (already renowned in Antiquity) of the noble laurel to restore strength and tone, but also for its purifying power and its purifying virtues, to those of ravintsara for its purifying action and its ideal respiratory virtues during winter and propagation of the virus: some complexes will now spread like the remedies of tomorrow. A drop of each on the tip of the nose and to spread in the palm of the hand are the recommendations of aromatherapist specialists to keep away and make barrier to Coronavirus.


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