1617187836503925 sgf  03168 2
Leather trenchcoat, The Frankie Shop. Heels and socks, Cos. Earrings, By1oak.
1617187869251803 sgf  02038 21617187913841319 sgf  02137 1
Blouse, Noir Kei Ninomiya. Trousers, Y Project. Necklace, Weekend Max Mara. Heels, Arket.
1617187930001373 sgf  02524 2
Dress, H&M Studio. Earring, By1oak.
1617187965076174 sgf  023351617188033660868 sgf  02404 2
Blouse and skirt, Frenken. Scarf, Tie Shop. Chunky boots, Asos.
1617188047297017 sgf  02610 1
Transparant top, Jil Sander. Top, H&M Studio. Leather skirt, Frenken.
1617188116631380 sgf  02894 2
Headband, Arket. Earring, Monocrafft. Ring, Vibe Harsløf.
1617188183989516 sgf  02911 21617188190852467 sgf  03022 1
Bib as top, Cos. Suit, Acne Studios. Earring, By1oak. Necklace, Weekend Max Mara. Boots, & Other Stories.
1617188261590417 sgf  02762 1
Top, Acne Studios. Trenchcoat and pants, The Frankie Shop. Sunglasses, H&M Studio. Earring, Vibe Harsløf. Boots, Vagabond.
1617188302667922 sgf  02204 1
Dress, Cos. Gloves, Roeckl. Boots, Asos.

Photography: Sanne Grasdijk (@sannegrasdijkphotography)

Styling: Willeke Elisabeth (@willeke.elisabethstyling)

Makeup: Nur Ozkan (@nurozkanofficial)

Hair: Hamdi Tümer (@hamdi.tumer)

Model: Stacey Schenk (@staceyschenk_) at @elite_amsterdam

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