Red Ink

Red Ink
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1608648822771907 look1 a1608648829098867 look1 c
1608648834526814 look1 d1608648839989955 look1 e
1608648850155463 look1 f
Dress on the right: Juan Vidal Dress on the left: Andres Sarda
1608648908540261 look2 a1608648913612177 look2 b
1608648919563389 look2 c1608648924934601 look2 d
Dress on the right: Fernando Claro Earrings and bracelet: Tiffany Dress and headpiece on the left: Marcos Luengo
1608649217472068 look3
Dress (top): Marcos Luengo Dress (bottom): Fernando Claro
1608649250447986 look4
Headpiece: Marcos Luengo
1608649279864497 look5
Headpiece: Art director’s own Rings: Vintage
1608649318432230 look6 a1608649322354538 look6 b
Dress: Ernesto Naranjo Broach: Mikana
1608649404097118 look7 a1608649413314149 look7 b
1608650917060584 look7 c
1608649426745069 look7 d1608649437014334 look7 f
1608649431448479 look7 e
On the left: (total look) Juan Vidal Shoes: Peter Sposito On the right: Shirt, skirt, trousers The 2Skin Shoes: Angradema Ring: Vintage Tiffany
1608649650873324 look8 a1608649655897016 look8 b
1608649660799020 look8 c
Coat, Top and gloves: The 2Skin Shoes: Angradema Socks: Calzedonia Earrings: Tiffany
1608649719917816 look9
Top used as dress: Juan Millàn Boots: Angradema
1608649766354880 look10 a1608649771674291 look10 b
Total look: Andres Sarda

Photographer: Pierfrancesco Artini

IG: @pierfrancesco.artini

Art Direction: Roberta Terra

IG: @terraroberta

Stylist: Benedetta Perazzo

IG: @benedetta.perazzo

Stylist assistant: Greta Macchi

IG: @mccgrt

Hair & Make Up: Pilar Vilas

IG: @pilar.vilas

Hair & Make Up assistant: Yolanda Álvarez

IG: Yolanda.makeup


Klaudia Gago

IG: @klaugago


Cris Stamboroski

IG: @cris_stam


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