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Amor Fati: Marine Serre minifilm for Spring 2021

Made in collaboration with directors Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago and composer Pierre Rousseau, Marine Serre's film AMOR FATI is an invitation to actively embrace all the pleasures and adversities of life without judgment. The hug, which is the most forbidden gesture, and perhaps the gesture that we miss most of all.
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AMOR FATI by Marine Serre

The choice to create a film for the Spring-Summer 2021 season reflects the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing. The urgent need for change and adaptation is explored through the film's cyclical visual storytelling, where characters mutate seamlessly as they move through three symbolic environments: a laboratory, a natural landscape environment, and an underground aquatic world, each laden with layered narratives and accumulating emotions. Two chameleonic figures traverse these different worlds as their outfits and appearances adapt to the situations they encounter. There are three associated "clans": close-knit groups of people who shape and support the journey of the central characters, as guardians of their destiny. This transition reflects the mobility of a human being in real life, where one has the power to change one's style or way of being, to transform or blend in, to build personal narratives through the garments they choose to wear. A collection that highlights the tailored cut of MARINE SERRE, boldly announced through a two-color "moon" in a diamond-patterned jacquard fabric, a reinterpretation of the crescent now trademark of the brand. Alongside the range of techno-couture suits, biodegradable nylon and recycled moiré serve as the basis for hyper-functional, multi-pocket utility garments and iconic black and white accessories. The palette moves through the optical knitwear in kaleidoscopic sapphires and cobalt blue. The sinuous shapes are influenced by the organic world, with the classic regenerated denim by MARINE SERRE updated through a laser engraving of the "sunfish skin" motif, which also appears in the recycled jersey fabrics, creating a utopian "augmented" body. This is followed by a series of futuristic pieces from the Red Line, such as the shield visor made with regenerated carpets and the survival crinoline harness that consciously delimits the body space. For the first time, Marine is also collaborating with the Jimmy Choo brand for footwear.

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