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10 beautiful Olivia Palermo style lessons for everyday

Fashion blogger and opinion maker Olivia Palermo is today called one of the most stylish women in the fashion world.
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Olivia Palermo is a beautiful fashion blogger. During the fashion weeks, she is hunted by photographers, designers expect to see her in the front rows, and fashion brands send offers for cooperation one after another. Recently, Olivia introduced her own clothing line, which intertwines elegance and romance.

We reveal 10 secrets of her style.

1. Warm woolen scarves and cloaks this fall will give elegance, coziness and will not allow you to freeze. The combination of such a scarf and leather jacket will warm no worse than an autumn coat.

2. When creating a combination, rely on contrasts: short silhouette and long, close-fitting and wide, smooth fabric and textured, light color and dark. This will create an expressive and interesting image.

3. One of the easiest ways to dress up and look more elegant is to tie (or put on) a silk scarf. Olivia has all this power and combines them with different images: classic costumes, playful dresses, men's haircuts and jeans.

4. Monochrome combinations are perfect not only for occasions (when you want to dress up), but also for everyday use. You can combine a suit or sweater and skirt of the same color and sneakers, jumpsuit and boots or a dress, a cozy coat and a cello.

5. Not only high heels but also shoes with a flat sole can look elegant. Choose classic style loafers, monks, oxforts and similar men’s style shoes.

6. If you are not afraid to wear brightly colored or more interestingly designed accessories, combine them with clothes in neutral colors and classic silhouettes - this will reduce the risk of creating an overly chaotic image.

7. Do you want a combination of femininity and elegance? You won’t go wrong wearing a midi length dress and classic style long heels with high heels.

8. Eternal classic and timeless combination - black and white.

9. To create a business image - a combination of a classic jacket and a midi-length skirt. You will look even more refined if you combine close colors.

10. One of the most versatile clothes you can wear at different times of the year is a classic shirt-type dress. You can wear it with both high heels and sports shoes, with a classic jacket, sweater or soft sweater.

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