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Elie Saab in 15 Sentences and 15 Looks

Femininity complemented by feminine is a one-man job, namely the handiwork of Elie Saab, a couturier, and a master of a sophisticated silhouette. This season he has released a lookbook and fulfilled it with a lot of laces and poetic forms.

Looking through September's fashion shows, we have seen quite a lot: from the puppet show at Moschino to a book with illustrations at Dior. As professional coach critics of this season, we are taking our title with full responsibility and dedication, and not missing a chance to observe and soak up the beauty of the latest trends. And who can open a beauty more than Elie Saab's designs? That is why today's analysis we are devoting to him, more pricelessly to 15 looks from his Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

1602011421148872 elie saab rtw ss 2021 01
What can make a total white look even more airy and angelic? Feathers!! P.S. a trend we were waiting for for a long time.
1602011420611354 elie saab rtw ss 2021 04
Remember, Elie Saab is the only time when see-through doesn't look vulgar, yet sensual.
1602011421547792 elie saab rtw ss 2021 10
Keep it minimal but make it chic will be the motto of next summer.
1602011421793845 elie saab rtw ss 2021 16 2
Are you ready to feel an azure air while being in the city?
1602011422032468 elie saab rtw ss 2021 21
Just perfect...
1602011422477791 elie saab rtw ss 2021 20
What is cuter pattern or color?
1602011422965864 elie saab rtw ss 2021 23
Read the caption to a second photo.
1602011423417244 elie saab rtw ss 2021 24
Can a couple-dressing become a best-friend-dressing? Goals!
1602011423826243 elie saab rtw ss 2021 30
Last season's shoulder pads have been transformed to volume sleeves and immediately have added a touch of artistic charm.
1602011424083428 elie saab rtw ss 2021 32
It's a yes to vibrant colors and tonal dressing!
1602011424406527 elie saab rtw ss 2021 35
Actually forget about black and white, you can stay chic in a neon.
1602011424750761 elie saab rtw ss 2021 39
Interesting how a piece of fabric in the back can make you look that magnificent and gorgeous.
1602011425050825 elie saab rtw ss 2021 46 1602011425360303 elie saab rtw ss 2021 47
Couldn't choose a little black dress of 2021.
1602011425609366 elie saab rtw ss 2021 52
Who cares that black doesn't look like a happy color when it's simply swelling.
1602011425863900 elie saab rtw ss 2021 61
Three words... THE SLEEVE GAME!

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