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A Journey to Romantic Russia With MaxMara

The MaxMara 2021 Resort collection was inspired by modern Russian art.
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If all had happened as planned, MaxMara would have presented their show on May 25 in St. Petersburg's magnificent Yusupov Palace. However, like all brands now forced to digitalise their collections, MaxMara has revealed the 2021 Resort collection called Reason and Romance online.


The simple and elegant perception of the brand welcomes us in the 2021 Resort collection, but, this time - under the shadow of Russian influences. The collection, which has traces of modern Russian art from the magnificent historical palaces of Russia, reflects the motto that has become the signature of the fashion house. While MaxMara, who has a considerable number of followers within the framework of the motto, which we can translate as the love of good design and order, shows us the versatile material usage, skirts, Teddy Bear jackets and waist-fitting dresses are among the key items of the season.


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