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Bella Hadid is a Jet-Setter for Michael Kors Spring 2019

In action-packed photos shot by David Sims, the supermodel proves army green and cargo pants can be chic.
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Few models are busier than Bella Hadid. Coming from one of the most famous families in fashion and with killer looks to boot, it seems she's always on the go, whether to a major runway show or an exclusive party. Because of this, when Michael Kors was looking to emphasize energy and movement for the brand's Spring 2019 campaign, it was only natural to pick the supermodel, who always looks put together amidst her busy schedule.

Shot by David Sims, the photos feature Hadid in action against a plain white background. She leaps and poses in earthy neutrals that seem ready for a safari or hike, carrying an army of flying purses in lieu of traditional luggage. The looks comprise tourist gear and activewear rather than the sleek, all-black ensembles many travelers prefer, but with their high-quality materials and Hadid's powerful poses, the pieces couldn't look more chic.

The supermodel isn't the only one who's traveling the world with Kors, as five other models also pose for a shot in a mix of swimwear, denim, and cargo. Together with Hadid, they embody the androgyny and utilitarian romance that captures the brand's spring aesthetic, captivating the eye with their visible energy and creative layers. Throughout the campaign, the iconic MK charm makes several appearances, adding unmistakable identity to the looks.

The global campaign debuts this February as the collection hits the market. While the world will look to Fall 2019 when fashion month begins next week, Hadid's energetic campaign proves there's a lot to be excited about this season as well. 

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