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Carrie Bradshaw Brings Back Fendi’s Timeless Baguette Bag

After making a brief appearance in a Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial, the iconic television character is now promoting something a little more on brand.
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There is no seventh season in the HBO comedy Sex and the City’s future but thanks to the glamour and steaming style of the tv series’ star, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, the Fendi Baguette handbag is set to be re-issued. Carrie is best known on the show for her daring outfits and lively laugh that echoed through even the noisiest corners of the city. Her penchant for floral patterns, youthful tube tops, and pinstripe suit ensembles have led her to be known as a fierce trendsetter whose feminine empowering attitude has made their marks on every modern woman's everyday life.

We remember the iconic, petite, square-shaped accessory as perched under the arm of Carrie as she swept through the city in sparkling elegance through subways and dark trash-studded alleyways in a way that only a true New Yorker can. Paired with tulle pastel skirts reminiscent of fifties fashion style, plush wool coats to bear New York winter extremes, and Carrie’s favorite Manolo Blahnik heels, the bag’s relaunch represents the timelessness of female elegance and the little piece of prolific luxury that all women deserve to have in their closets.

The beloved Fendi product will be offered in the styles and colors we remember as well as in a vast new array of colors from office-accepted neutrals, to bright, sparkling purples for the glittery, glamorous clubber. To mark this momentous step in the bag, and the fashion industry’s history, Fendi is also releasing a lookbook that looks back on the bag’s history. In praise for the bag’s rebirth, Fendi also launched a social media campaign, #BaguetteFriendsForever, recruiting a couple of It girls to parade around the New York City. Among these lucky gals was Caro Daur, Natasha Lau, Ebonee Davis, Melissa Martinez, and, well, you know, our favorite Sex and the City star. The video portrays the girlfriends in all the laughable antics that we have come to characterize with the HBO hit. It ends on a note that reminds us that the piece is not just a handbag, “It’s a baguette.”


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