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Emily in Paris: these 15 Paris hotspots are no longer a secret

Bonjour Paris! Emily in Paris is a true love letter to The City Of Lights. We have listed the 15 best hotspots in the series for you!
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The new Netflix series follows the life of the young fashionista Emily from America who is offered a dream job in Paris. Despite the apparent dream life she is heading for, she ends up from one adventure into another, including romances and 'struggles' with Parisian culture. We especially like the Parisian backdrops and the hints to the fashion world. We will have to wait a while for a weekend in Paris à la Emily, but you can always dream (or plan).

1. Ristorante Terra Nera

Gabriel's restaurant called “Les Deux Compères” in the series is actually an Italian bistro called Terra Nera. This small bistro is located adjacent to Place de l'Estrapade, which is home to both Gabriel and Emily. You won't find a handsome French chef there, but you will find a tasty spaghetti carbonara!

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© Netflix

2. La Boulangerie Moderne

Pour moi un pain au chocolat s'il vous plaît! Gabriel's restaurant is located just next to the bakery La Boulangerie Moderne, which is also a popular bakery in real life where you can try great croissants, brioches and bien sûr baguettes.

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© Netflix

3. Café de Flore

According to Thomas, the charming yet arrogant Parisian and date of Emily, this is the coolest bar in Paris where famous writers and painters used to often philosophize in 1880.

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4. Jardin du Palais Royale

Emily meets her future bestie Mindy Chen at Le Jardin du Palais Royale where they share joys and sorrows on the familiar park benches. Don't forget to stroll along the instagrammable green chairs, located by the fountain between Les Tuileries and the Louvre.

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© Netflix

5. Le Flore en l'Île

During the first episode, Luc bumps into Emily while she tries to forget her loneliness on the terrace of the restaurant Le Flore en l'Île on the Seine. Once again it becomes clear that Parisians prefer to stick with their own regular clique. Located near the Notre-Dame Cathedral, this idyllic little restaurant is the perfect place to taste the famous Berthillon ice cream.

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© Le Flore en l'Île

6. Pont Alexandre III

The commercials for the Maison Lauvaux were filmed on the Pont Alexandre III. Perfect to pass by during your sightseeing walk because this bridge (every bridge is different in Paris) has a beautiful art-nouveau structure.

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© Netflix

7. Le Grand Véfour

The restaurant Le Grand Véfour that appears in Episode 4 (where Emily confirmed the wrong date on the reservation) is also located in Le Jardin du Palais Royale. Run by Chef Guy Martin, this two Michelin star restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris.

1602577635715259 salle du grand v four teaser
© Le Grand Véfour

Emily goes on a triple date with Camille and Gabriel to L'Ateliers des lumieres, a breathtaking place where visitors literally immerse themselves among the paintings of Van Gogh projected on the walls. For this you do not have to travel all the way to Paris, from the end of September The Van Gogh Immersive experience is a must to visit in Antwerp. Perfect for solo, duo or triple dates!

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© Netflix

9. La Maison Rosé

La Maison Rosé is the cozy café located near Montmartre and therefore perfect for a brunch or lunch on the weekend.

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© Netflix

10. Savoir

The luxury marketing company where Emily works is next to the antique shop Galerie Patrick Fourtin. The building is located on the Place de Valois, just a few meters from the Louvre in the 1st arrondissement. The bar where Savoir's team hang out after working hours is the Bistrot Valois, located on the same square.

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© Netflix

11. Le Palais Garnier

Another scene set in an iconic Parisian landmark: the 19th century Palais Garnier opera house, where Emily looks at Swan Lake and shares her love for Gossip Girl with designer Pierre Cadault.

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© Netflix

12. Plaza Athenée

One of the most beautiful and most expensive hotels in Paris, where Emily goes in search of the actress she had to take care of, enfant terrible Brooklyn Clark. If you ever have the chance, The Haute Couture suite with a view of the Eiffel Tower is probably the room with the best view in all of the city.

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© Netflix

13. Ralph's

Ralph's is the only restaurant in Paris where English is spoken. The restaurant is by the well-known American designer Ralph Lauren and located on Boulevard Saint-Germain on the Rive Gauche.

© Ralph's

14. Chateau de Sonnay

Not all scenes were filmed in Paris. Camille has a beautiful family villa whose real location is in the Loire Valley. In the show it is called Château de Lalisse, but in reality it is the Château de Sonnay that offers beautiful architecture, luxurious interiors and breathtaking views of the countryside.

1602577637566132 gabriel
© Netflix

15. Place de L'Estrapade

And the cozy, chic apartment where Emily lives herself? The building itself is located on Place de l'Estrapade, the interior of the apartment was filmed in a studio. To find a neighbor like Gabriel, we will have to search ...

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© Netflix

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