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Fashion experiments during the quarantine? Sure!

Sometimes just one bright detail is enough to make the whole combination shine, so feel free to experiment even if you spend time at home. Bright accents will lift the mood and will not allow you to give in to the sadness of the post-holiday period.
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Now you can really afford and fool around - after all, most of the time we spend at home and no one will know what pranks you are scratching while looking at your wardrobe. And why not have successful style experiments on social media? Maybe you will create a new fashion challenge!


While the festivities are over, don’t hide colorful clothes and accessories. At home, choose comfortable combinations of clothes, but decorate each other with a detail that will make you smile. When going outside, don’t forget the protective face mask first, but don’t be afraid of more interesting stylish accessories either. Maybe you’ll choose an elegant hat adorned with a glowing brooch, maybe you’ll attach an ornate chain to the mask, or maybe you’ll wear a black jacket and colorful furs on a sunny day?


L'Officiel Lithuania stylist Irina Cybina invites you to give in to fashion experiments!


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