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How to wear puff sleeves?

Raglans, puffs, flutters, gigos. Do you think such terms are used in construction or programming? In fact, these strange words mean varieties of sleeves. Each of them is unique, beautiful and elegant in its own way.
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It is not at all necessary to memorize the numerous names of the sleeves. All you need to know is what to wear with voluminous and puffy sleeves, to whom they are recommended, and who should refuse them altogether. For example, girls with an hourglass figure will work with all types of sleeves. An important tip is to emphasize the waist, choose fitted silhouettes, or emphasize it with a belt or belt.

Check out the fall show by Zimmermann. Designer and brand founder Nikki Zimmermann actively uses the bishop's sleeve in his collections. It expands downwards and ends with a narrow cuff. This type of sleeve appeared in the Middle Ages and passed from the men's wardrobe.

All items from the show are made of light and thin fabrics, so the sleeves look airy and weightless. The design team matched both dresses with fringed belts to highlight the waist. The images turned out in the boho style, relevant in 2020. Over the blouse with a black bow, Zimmermann decided to wear a velor fitted jumpsuit with wide straps.



Girls with broad shoulders should take note of this view, as it does not focus on the shoulder girdle. Avoid active embellishment, horizontal stripes and draperies around the shoulders.

Sleeves-lanterns and puffs are contraindicated for broad-shouldered. Girls with a "triangle" figure need to visually increase the hips and stretch the silhouette. Take note of the bell sleeves. Its narrow part is in the shoulder area, and the bottom edge flies freely to the sides. Also pay attention to the sleeves with ruffles at the wrist and raglan.

Girls - "pears", that is, with a narrow shoulder girdle and wide hips, first of all, it is recommended to wear voluminous sleeves. Flutter, puffs, ham, flashlight - the more magnificent the better. Get inspired by the autumn-winter collections of Balmain or Ulyana Sergeenko, who adds things with voluminous sleeves to her capsules, it seems, all her life. Feminine looks in the style of the military 40s would be common and noteworthy without lush puffs and flashlights.

Feel free to accentuate your shoulders and divert attention away from your hips. Olivier Rousteing, creative director of the fashion house Balmain, held a couture show of the fall collection on a barge sailing along the Seine. Among the luxurious dresses, one can notice a Victorian blouse, to which a black beret was added, emphasizing French chic. An interesting cut of sleeves was added to the signature mini-dress of the house of Balmain, which is especially so beloved by Western celebrities, starting from Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian. The shoulders themselves were left bare, and the "leg-sleeve", lush on top and tapering at the wrist, complements the tight-fitting dress.


For special fans who are ready to wear puffy sleeves all year round, sooner or later the question will arise: HOW TO BE IF THE SLEEVES WRITE UNDER OVER CLOTHING? We hasten to calm down, there is a way out!

First, dresses and blouses made of expensive and dense fabrics will barely wrinkle under your coat while you get to the office or a party. Choose from polyamide, wool or poplin. Such materials are difficult to wrinkle and will not let you down at the right time. Choose from Valentino and Ganni dresses with lantern sleeves for a restaurant trip or outing, and Alessandra Rich's formal Victorian Juliet Sleeve Jacket for a stylish office look.



What to avoid in winter or fall is flax. It is better to put off linen clothes until summer, and the most beautiful linen dresses with voluminous sleeves are worth looking for in the fall-winter collections of Zimmermann and Asceno.


If you are not ready to give up your favorite puffs and lantern sleeves in the cold season and prefer non-synthetic materials to wear, then you should choose the right outerwear. Capes can be worn over a voluminous blouse or dress. They are now again relevant, and their free silhouette will come in handy more than ever. Under it, not a single sleeve will definitely suffer.

Also, armed with the Internet or the advice of consultants and stylists, you can look for outerwear with voluminous sleeves. Sheepskin coats, coats, trench coats, raincoats and parkas - choose the category according to your preferred style.

Pierpaolo Piccioli decided to rely on accented shoulders for the fall-winter 20/21 collection, choosing the so-called Juliet sleeve. It features a long, close-fitting sleeve and a loose fit on the shoulder line. This type of sleeve adds zest and originality to the standard basic item. A classic beige trench coat matches almost anything, and a strawberry wool coat with a midi skirt or straight-leg trousers.


A sheepskin coat from Alexander McQueen will look great with rough boots and trousers widened at the bottom. The fitted silhouette adds a touch of femininity to the biker look.


Another Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina is an obvious lover of voluminous sleeves. In the fall collections, she actively used episcopal sleeves on her coat and woolen cloak. See how elegantly styled the images are. Lightweight head scarves and sunglasses accentuate the feminine charm.

Unleash your imagination and don't be afraid to wear puff sleeves wherever you go! Know how to choose the right clothes for the occasion and take into account the peculiarities of your figure. Remember that every girl is individual and beautiful in her own way, and the right clothes will help emphasize that personality.


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