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International Young Designers Contest 2020 has announced the Grand Prix winner

International Young Designers Contest 2020 has announced the Grand Prix winner
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The online media conference has summed up the results of one of the largest and most influential international fashion events in Eastern and Central Europe - the International Young Designers Contest.

The contest is organized by the Ukrainian Fashion Council with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is the IYDC partner, award fund contributor and co-organizer of the online Fashion Visual Art Residence. 

Despite the pandemic this year the Contest has a record number of finalists, presenting 19 collections from 12 countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Moldova, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine. All finalists are the winners of national young designer contests or those young designers, who have been selected by the recognized fashion institutions in their countries. This pre-selection process guarantees all finalists are of the highest talent and caliber. 

For the first time an “independent participant” was invited by the organizing committee. This finalist was selected via a rigorous process of reviewing the applications from counties, where IYDC does not have yet an established partnership with national young designer national contests This year’s independent participant represented the Netherlands.

"Young talents are emerging and need support no matter what is happening in the world. We at IYDC thought that it would be unfair and irresponsible to deprive promising and talented designers the opportunity to present themselves and to demonstrate their creative potential beyond their personal pages in Social media. As the result we transformed the Contest into online format, as we believed that it met in the best way the requirements of the situation. And we have made it happened. 

The international professional network of partnering organizations played the curtail role in it. Together were looking at options and for joint solutions. I’m extremely happy that the final number of countries participated in IYDC 2020 has exceeded our initial expectation,” - says IYDC project manager, Victoria Kharchenko.  

1603213427705819 web tess van zalinge iydc 000011603213433114864 web tess van zalinge iydc 00002
1603213442564013 web tess van zalinge iydc 000031603213449318661 web tess van zalinge iydc 00004
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Tess Van Zalinger

“I am proud to be a part of this international contest and happy to see the emerging designers, who are going on nevertheless these hard times. This year the contest has brought together very different young talents. It is such a good moment to see this diversity in creativity. it is what we need in fashion industry actually.”- said during the conference one of the jury experts, Riccardo Terzo, fashion editor of Vogue talents and contributor to Vogue Italy

“Certainly, it was a challenge to do the whole evaluation process online. We like to touch the clothes, we like to be face-to-face, but I am impressed how everyone adapted to the current situation. I really appreciate how many young designers are choosing sustainable design methods. It is very important that they bring this message to their countries, too. It will make an impact in the whole industry within the next several years”, - mentioned another jury expert, Liana Satenstein, the senior fashion writer at (USA)

On the conference the jury announced the IYDC 2020 Grand Prix winner: Tess Van Zalinger, who receives $ 5,000 award from the organizing committee and a scholarship for a three week course by her choice at f the IED-Istituto Europeo di Design.

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Dora Hegedus
1603215549198106 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 000011603215553629105 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 00002
1603215560081024 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 000031603215585330631 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 00004
1603215573991699 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 000051603215592658810 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 00006
1603215601260568 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 000071603215606571792 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 00008
1603215612397072 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 000091603215616575309 web aleksandra volovikova iydc 00010
Oleksandra Volovikova
1603215726866466 web boryana vatova iydc 000011603215731334849 web boryana vatova iydc 00002
1603215736399727 web boryana vatova iydc 000031603215742192454 web boryana vatova iydc 00005
1603215747363520 web boryana vatova iydc 000061603215754132406 web boryana vatova iydc 00007
1603215759011889 web boryana vatova iydc 000081603215770610982 web boryana vatova iydc 00009
1603215786232856 web boryana vatova iydc 000101603215790950675 web boryana vatova iydc 00011
1603215795362191 web boryana vatova iydc 0000121603215799550140 web boryana vatova iydc 000013
Boryana Vatova

For the first time IYDC conducted the public vote. Video presentations of the collections were released on IYDC official Facebook page. Social media users could vote for the collection that impressed them the most. IYDC 2020 partner COCOS Fashion Trade awarded three designers. For designers Dora Hegedus (Hungary) and Oleksandra Volovikova (Belarus) COCOS Fashion and Cocos Trade will develop the logo for their brands. Boryana Vatova (Bulgaria), the leader of the third day, who also got the highest total number of votes will receive full branding development and consulting support for promoting her brand on the markets of Europe and Israel. 

1603212852433401 photographer mariia pravosud designers una berzina kateryna hella 11603214696939766 photographer mariia pravosud designers una berzina kateryna hella 2
1603212865937592 photographer mariia pravosud designers una berzina kateryna hella 31603212877499493 photographer mariia pravosud designers una berzina kateryna hella 4
Photographer Maria Pravosud, Designers Una Berzina & Kateryna Hella

Fashion Visual Art Residence was in the schedule of IYDC for the second year. However, this year was held online, challenging its participants to do the complete photo shoot of a fashion story online, when the team members of working international groups were physically located miles away from each other.  At the conference the Curator of Fashion Visual Art Residence, Giovanni Ottonello, announced the winner: the young Ukrainian photographer - Maria Pravosud. She is awarded a scholarship for a summer course at the IED - Istituto Europeo di Design.

“We have seen Fashion Week in many parts of the world. We have seen how some brands proposed the same communications instead of something truly new. I said to the designers that they are the future of fashion and together we must propose new solutions. Here at IED we are always looking for new talents and doing our best to support them. This is our goal”, - said the Art Curator of Fashion Visual Art Residence, Giovanni Ottonello.

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