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Magda Butrym Fall Winter 2019

Each season Magda Butrym aims to create pieces that power both confidence and femininity, merge the sense of practicality with sensibility, and prove that the no nonsense wardrobe does not have to feel androgynous or cold. To explore this season’s sensuality, Magda turned to the richness of the Eastern European folklore: “I grew up with a much romanticized idea of the folklore culture, there was almost an idyllic aura about it, it was visually opulent but the energy was quite raw, very sensual. Pawel Pawlikowski evoked that spirit so beautifully and accurately in his movie “Cold War”. When I saw it, I thought that there had to be something in the air, and I’m ready to find my own way of interpreting that ambiance”, says the designer.
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Infusing that raw character, richness and sensuality into her every piece became the motto for the Magda Butrym Fall Winter 2019 collection. Craftsmanship, one of the brand’s building blocks, is this time channelled beyond the traditional use in just detail into creating complete silhouettes. Masculine, voluminous jackets, strong lines of oversized pants and sculpted dresses convey confidence and comfort, and the contrasting elaborate lace and embellished details evoke sophisticated romanticism. When juxtaposed, the two worlds together bring about the effortless Magda Butrym look of perfectly balanced, refined, and rich femininity.

The super deluxe leathers and lush velvets set against ornamental white lace and luscious silks give the collection a truly luxurious, sensual feeling. Floral prints are revisited in deep reds, greens, violets, bringing to mind the vibrant prints of traditional folklore fashion, and too in the light mélange of fine beiges and ecru. The dress is reinterpreted in many forms - from the folk inspired longer length in vibrant reds to the mini dress made entirely of lace, each piece introduces a special, eye-catching element - a cape, a bow, an embellishment or meticulous hand embroidery for an added sense of individuality and character.

There is an assemblage of accessories - decorativejewellery, flower brooches, signature innovative “on and off “ shoe pins, elaborate earrings, and timeless shoe classics - from thigh high boots, mid length perfect everyday boots to elegant Mary Janes and light wear crystal-covered party sandals.

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