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(P)REVIEW: Looking Differently

On September 2nd, Polimoda reopened its doors for an installation featuring 20 prologues of style created by Undergraduate in Fashion Design students, inviting guests to observe fashion from new perspective.
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While Florence celebrates high fashion with Pitti Immagine and Dolce & Gabbana’s events, Polimoda reopens Villa Favard's doors for an evening fashion installation curated by Linda Loppa and Massimiliano Giornetti. (P)REVIEW: Looking Differently transforms the evocative spaces of the schoolinto a magical lantern, inviting guests to look at fashion from a new light and unconventional perspectives. After months of distance and closure comes a message of empathy and positivity, encouraging students to redesign the future of fashion with energy and renewed optimism. After all, Polimoda is an observatory of contemporary society.

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© Polimoda

The protagonists of the event are the creations of 20 graduating students from the Undergraduate in Fashion Design with Massimiliano Giornetti, Head of Fashion Design Department since July 2019 and mentor. The silhouettes, designed by Thomas McGovern, Robert Fioschi, Serena Schettino, Frances Zangrillo, Ilaria Bellomo, Polina Popova, Ji Zhi, Yi Ding, Alice Baggio, Gianluca Padula, Francesca Monks, to Emma Gini, Yixuan Zhang, Lucia Garofalo, Karel Mirella Martinez Flor, Nicolas Bollinger, Diana Patricia Oscos Rueda, Zhanna Diakonenko, Giulia Riccoboni, Silvia Anderson,Lorenzo Moretti and Sanjana Pessina, will be worn by models and mannequins (hair and makeup by Santini Academy Hair & Beauty). Guests will be taken on a journey of light and dark, playing with asymmetric and symmetric perspectives.

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© Polimoda

After entering the gates of Villa Favard's magical garden on the banks of the Arno river, visitors will walk through the doors of Villa Favard and set foot in a clever play of atmosphere and lights. Guests are invited to surrender to the authenticity and extraordinary details of the handmade garments. Under a Florentine night sky, the creativity of a new generation of designers will come to life in a multisensory environment (fragrance design by Olfattorio). This is an invitation to look at fashion from a different perspective, observing new angles and modified silhouettes. The observer is forced to find a point of view, the right distance and take in the details so they can let go of perception and find the emotions we all desperately need.

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© Polimoda

"Florence is coming back to life with the energy of fashion—it's the soul of this city,” explains Polimoda Director Danilo Venturi. "With (P)REVIEW, we're making space for the creativity of our students, inviting everyone to stop and look at fashion from new perspectives. The moment has come to think about a restart of the city, of fashion and of school, but to move forward we must be able to change, evolve and redefine the future. Young people are the ones who can show us the way and we must know how to listen to them and be open to their creative interpretation. We will have them back in class very soon, but in the meantime, we can celebrate their achievements with this (P)REVIEW on the future of fashion.”

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© Polimoda

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