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Prada 2020 Resort fashion show

The Prada 2020 Resort fashion show was held at the Piano Factory in Herzog de Meuron, New York.

There's more to New York Fashion Week. But New York has temporarily overturned the silence it had maintained for a long time this week.


The Prada 2020 Resort fashion show, which took place last week, is now known as a collection that reflects the brand's perspective on masculineism in its clearest form. The complexity of the complex elements caught with each other, both colors and accessories, while the architectural features of the location was enhancing this harmony.


The Prada Bowling Bag was reinterpreted. Bowling Bag, which we saw for the first time in the üzere Sincere Chic-collection for the year 2000, comes in four different color options: black and white, cinnamon-white, white-red, black and white.

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