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Red September - "Sons Of Anarchy"

This upcoming season, the heart of the Red September brand has demanded a change and thus, Sons of Anarchy collection opened a new chapter of the brand. It is in those chapters that the post-Soviet aesthetics made its into details and color solutions. In-depth analysis together with constructive adaptation of classic motorcycle pants found in vintage stores all over Florence daringly introduce notions of freedom to the compositional character of the collection.
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Sons of Anarchy, featuring cut-up and various textiles with a complexity of color combinations have enhanced the balance between volume and form. Compilation of noble Italian leather and suede with weightless nylon and knitted linen of natural wool provides depth and conceptual completeness to the collection.

The unique  shoulder design, a defining feature of the brand, found its new implementation in a variety of forms and fabrics: from the couture version in cashmere and denim to the most adaptive commercial leather, cotton, and knitwear options. In the new season, Red September tells the story not only about freedom and independence, but about conscious rebellion and meaningful anarchy.

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All clothes RED SEPTEMBER @redseptember_mama by @nobagency

Photo Roman Erofeev @drunk_crucian

Concept and producer Maksim Kurik @kurikmaks

Style Vasilisa Gusarova @vasilisa_gusarova

MUA Evgenia Scupenko @gaiantri

Model Danya @endlessray.exe by NIK Models @nikmodelmanagement

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