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Royal family: why you need to pay attention to Lady Amelia

A distant relative of the princes William and Harry sets an example.
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Amelia is 22 years old, and she is worthy to admire. A student at the University of Edinburgh, she also appears in shows - sometimes as a model, and sometimes on the catwalk. Lady Amelia Windsor is the youngest daughter of George Windsor, earl of St. Andrews, and Silvana Windsor, Countess of St. Andrews.

In fact, she is the 39th heir who claims the throne, but despite this, Amelia, unlike other members of the royal family, sometimes neglects the statute, dressing freely and doing makeup that is not typical of her status. To stay in shape, Amelia runs marathon distances and, in principle, advocates a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Her views on life are reflected in social networks, whether they be posts from a marathon race or beauty tips.

In general, this freedom-loving and interesting girl should win your hearts. In the meantime, look at her style:


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