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Shopping Horoscope: December 17-23

What awaits you on New Year's Eve week?
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The horoscope was prepared by psychologist and astrologer Olga Aristova specifically for L'Officiel Russia.


This week, Aries should not rely on the adequacy of those around them - they will be surrounded by problem people carrying a negative. It is better not only to rely on your own strength, but also try not to get involved in conflicts. But representatives of this sign will be able to solve many of the tasks and do personal affairs. Aries have long endured shopping, so it's time to explore the sales calendar of your favorite brands - if you are in the right place in time, you will be able to make successful purchases.


Taurus should get rid of the habit of not going about their business. They have already advised others sufficiently - their invaluable opinion often disagrees with their actions, and this causes irritation. Representatives of this sign should pay attention to themselves and their health: the more energy you spend on yourself, the better you will have not only the general condition, but also relationships with others.


This week, twins are waiting for pleasant news from potential employers - the new contract will bring not only profit, but also pleasant acquaintances. When you receive an offer, you shouldn’t think long over it, because luck will accompany only resolute and courageous people - a long wait will “transfer” the project to a more rapid competitor. So drop the panic and get into business. You will succeed.


Crayfish will be cocked the first half of the week - they are waiting for disassembly with home. And not serious, but just petty and annoying. But when passions subside and life enters the usual course, representatives of this sign will begin to show the wonders of efficiency. All decisions made by the Crayfish this week will be correct and bring very pleasant results.

a lion

Lions can meet an old friend who will give them a couple of new ideas. And thoughts will be associated with the update wardrobe. Perhaps the representatives of this sign will be inspired by what they see or find a new muse for themselves. But the changes will be quite bold and will benefit the Lions. Despite their conservatism, Lions love bold decisions and sometimes fall back on the rules.



Virgos will learn a lesson from new acquaintances - the representatives of this sign are used to feeling their own superiority, and sudden changes will be for them a slight disappointment. But, on the other hand, the flying crown will have a positive effect on their reputation - the Virgos will seem to others not so arrogant, which will enlist the support of unexpected allies.


Libra will suddenly discover the gluttony talent. And it will not be about the aesthetic perception of beautiful food in unmeasured quantities, but the real eating of pies for speed or any other competition in the absorption of food. For Libra, such entertainment is not typical, but for the sake of the purity of the experiment, they can afford such eccentricity. Of course, they will win, but the kilograms will make themselves felt.


Scorpions this week will be happy to restore order. The representatives of this sign are not the biggest cleaners, but the new system of organizing space will be a kind of entertainment for them. Scorpios love that everything lay in their places, and they will eagerly invent these very places. The main thing then is to figure out where everything has gone, and not to look for sugar in the first-aid kit in a cocoa jar with the word “salt”.


Sagittarius with ecstasy will take a rearrangement in the house. And not only will they all swap places, but they will also buy new decorative elements. Because the curtains should be combined with the carpet, and the color of the toothbrush to contrast with the bag in the tank for linen. Otherwise, their subtle mental organization suffers from the imperfections of the world. What do you mean no carpets? Need to buy. And a lot of yesterday.


Capricorns this week will take up the upbringing of children. It doesn’t play its role or that of others - if a pedagogical talent suddenly woke up in a representative of this sign, then it’s easier to run and hide than remember what exactly the kid did wrong. Fortunately, such rushes in Capricorns rarely happen and pass spontaneously. So you can not react and wait, doing their own thing.


Aquarians will delight loved ones with sudden attention. Representatives of this sign will buy any themed crap and distribute it among relatives as a New Year's gift with a generous hand. Moreover, Aquarius will even try to take into account the passions of others, which is in itself a great rarity, because representatives of this sign are hardly able to imagine what someone else needs except themselves.


Fish this week will suddenly fall off on a short trip. No baggage with them will not take, nor the company. They will just disappear for a short time in order to solve the cases, and at the same time unwind. At the same time, they will appear as strange as they left - no one will understand or see anything. But the representatives of this sign will walk for a long time and smile at their own thoughts and laugh at them with one understandable joke.

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