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The jewelery and watch trends of the season

Watches, rings, bracelets and pendants: the finest jewels and watchmaking creations of the season.
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White and yellow gold dangle earrings set with pear and brilliant cut diamonds, KALLISTA.

"Just a nail" necklace in yellow gold with a pendant set with diamonds, CARTIER.

Yellow gold "Ma Première" watch worn on amethyst beaded bracelet, POIRAY at MOUNIER & BOUVARD.

Yellow gold grid motif ring set with diamonds, RAFINITY.

White gold necklace set with white and yellow diamonds, KALLISTA.

Yellow gold bracelet set with diamonds, RAFINITY.

Tank Solo watch in steel on interchangeable leather strap, CARTIER.

Twisted ring in pink gold and white gold set with diamonds, POIRAY at MOUNIER & BOUVARD.

Yellow gold ring set with shuttle and brilliant cut diamonds, KALLISTA.

Necklace "Diva" in pink gold paved with diamonds, amethysts and rubies, BULGARI.

"Mini Panther" watch in yellow gold set with diamonds on crocodile strap, CARTIER.

Necklace "Serpenti" in white gold paved with diamonds, BULGARI.

Pendant in white gold and diamonds, MOUNIER & BOUVARD.

"Amulets" necklace in white gold, diamonds, onyx and rubies, CARTIER.

White gold ring paved with white and black diamonds, KALLISTA.

By Widad Anoua

Photography: Assia Oualiken



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