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The most beautiful beaches in the world that have been portrayed in movies

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Paradise! White sand, blue sea, warm sunshine and beautiful cocktails. Sounds like a movie scene, does not it? Beaches from all corners of the world have already been immortalized in the cinema, from Thailand to our beloved Rio de Janeiro. They were in scenarios of exciting dialogues, controversial scenes, and many of them were added to the wish list for the upcoming trips.

Check out the most beautiful beaches around the world that have been portrayed in the movies.

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Film: Abraços Partidos - Pedro Almodóvar.

Where? El Golfo in Lanzarote - Spain.

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Movie: The Beach - Danny Boyle

Where? Island of Koh - Thailand

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Film: Blue Lagoon - Randal Kleiser

Where? Nanuya Levu Island - Fiji

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Film: The King of Water - Christopher Frank

Where? Pampelonne - France

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Movie: City of God - Fernando Meirelles

Where? Rio de Janeiro


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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Movie: The Wild - Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Where? Bahamas

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Movie: The Piano - Jane Campion

Where? Karekare - New Zealand

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(Photo: Reproduction / IMDB)

Film: James Bond 007 Vs. Dr No - Terence Young

Where? Oracabessa Bay - Jamaica

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