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The “Peekaboo” By Fendi

The “Peekaboo” from Fendi is easy to recognise thanks to its striking trapezoid shape. Another detail is the golden closure and the short handle grip. With a special lining the It-Bag from Fendi has acquired a warming layer for the winter. Let's have a closer look.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fendi, shot in the backstage of the FW20-21 Fashion Show.

Hour of birth

It may almost seem as if the “Peekaboo” has always been at our side. As a true classic, its name rightly falls quite unabashedly in the same breath with the “Birkin” or “Baguette”. But if you want to assume that it has a similarly long history, you are decades off the mark. The truth is that the good piece was first presented in 2009 and has secured itself a place in the pocket Olympics within the last decade.

Youth years

It won’t be boring in any case: originally made mainly of smooth calfskin, the trapezoid-shaped it-bag is reinterpreted every season. Whether with frills (fall/winter 2016/17), in pale pink with flower applications (spring/summer 2017) or embellished by art icons such as Zaha Hadid (Special Edition 2014) - the simple model is versatile. This is what makes it so attractive!

Maturation process

Despite the continuing success, Fendi did not have an easy year - Karl Lagerfeld died in February 2019. Together with Silvia Venturini Fendi, he shared the creative responsibility for the Italian label for over 50 years. That the latter can also continue the agenda on her own, is demonstrated not only by an incomparably sensual and self-confident collection but also by the latest version of the “Peekaboo”. In powder pink-lined satin with the iconic clasp, it rushes past the stretched heads of the front row in the firm grip of model Gigi Hadid. The conclusion: it has not lost any of its elegance over the years - but it has gained a character.


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