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The Letter of Editor-in-Chief Liga Zemture

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#Happiness Is You!

All beautiful things start with a great team and people around. I am genuinely grateful for our charming L’Officiel team and the fantastic synergy with our L’Officiel Girls and authors. It is the only way to create something special, and I am joyous to share this happiness with you, as the saying I often use as a mantra goes – being happy for another people’s happiness makes you happy!

L’Officiel’s first digital magazine has been carefully thought out to be both – interesting and interactive. For example, the S button next to an article or a product means that you can buy the product right away. By clicking on the W – it shows that you can read the continuation of the article on our website It redirects you there when you click on the W. At the same time; the button P indicates that the continuation of the article can be found in our printed magazine and displays the issue number, in which the article can be found.

The digital magazine is something that can be experienced more through pictures, video interviews and video materials – not that much through texts and written content. In this issue you can watch a video interview with Isabel Marant or listen to the performance of cellist Gautier Capuçon and the Paris Orchestra – he is just one of many brilliant artists performing at the "Riga Jurmala" Music Festival. The magazine also features a special gift from Hedi Slimane, creative director of Celine. The Gucci Spring/Summer 20 brilliant campaign, I can guarantee, will appeal to each one of you. You will also find mini-interviews with the singer Laima Vaikule, Mcouture designer Jūlija Malahova, Arbooz and Mr.Fox owner Katrīna Frīdmane, Inch2 brand owner and designer Olga Peterson, singer Samanta Tīna and the author of many charming cookbooks - Signe Meirāne. Rejoice and enjoy with us, so that we can boost the positive energy and happiness together!


Līga Zemture,


L’Officiel Baltic, L`Officiel Latvija and
@ligazemture & @liga.zemture

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