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Thom Browne at the top of his art

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In the large hall of the National School of Fine Arts. The space had been landscaped for the occasion by covering the floor, walls and chairs with bubble wrap. In the center of the podium, stakes were aligned and also covered with plastic.


Nobody knew what to expect for this new show of American designer Thom Browne who still organizes shows completely out of time. This time, he opened his parade with an army of guards, dressed in plastic dresses and accessories, as if they were coming straight out of a Christmas cartoon. The first "real" look that followed resembled that of a great leader, a freezing king in his realm, all dressed in white, a dog-shaped bag in his hand. Thom Brown is known for blurring the lines between the masculine and the feminine (we remember his wedding dress suit) and most of his models wore this time sometimes dresses ultra-tight while the prints were reminiscent of three piece suits all that is most normal. Out, nothing was normal for this parade and that's the strength of Thom Browne. The American designer had fun breaking codes by superimposing patterns and prints giving some of his pieces, the impression of having been built with all kinds of fabrics found in the studio. Always in a perfectly controlled harmony between emotion, elegance and precision, Thom Browne signs there a completely extravagant collection but powerful and poetic.


There was no detail: the parade in itself was the detail since the guests attended a real artistic performance where everything was to remember. Grandiose!


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