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Trend Alert! 50 Animal Print Looks For Inspiration

The most controversial print in the fashion universe in sophisticated and modern looks.

Clothes with prints are timeless - it is a common agreement - but what if the print we're referring to is an animal print? In general, the trend never goes out of style, but of course, it has had its ups and downs.


However, we do know one thing: animal print has always been, is, and will always be the darling print of the greatest fashionistas. Be it leopard, zebra, jaguar, snake, or cow, it can be adapted to any piece and any occasion, always elevating the look. Knowing that achieving a cool and sophisticated look with an animal print may not be that simple, we are here to help you. Thus, we have found 50 looks with pieces in the print to try this season without fear!

1598806476792779 tig reloaded divulgac a o 1
TIG Reloaded (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806477113324 anna carolina bassi com casaco carol bassi
Anna Carolina Bassi with Carol Bassi Brand coat
1598806477321472 divulgac a o fedra 3 1598806477520299 divulgac a o fedra 4
Fedra (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806477755180 instagram andrea beltran1598806477995425 instagram andrea beltran 2
Andrea Beltran (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806478265978 instagram cici navarro 21598806478504081 instagram cici navarro
Cici Navarro (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806478742643 tig
TIG (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806478941310 yukio 21598806479176687 yukio
Yukio (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806479372167 tata canhedo. 21598806479589733 tata canhedo
Tata Canhedo (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806479810919 vestido skazi
Skazi (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806480056649 lu tranchesi com mocassim pura1598806480317880 julia tiberio de mocassim pura
1598806480544999 lu tranchesi de mocassim pura
Lu Tranchesi and Julia Tiberio wear Moccasin Pura
1598806480784865 pura divulgac a o
Pura (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806480991145 instagram dandynha barbosa1598806481213319 instagram dandynha barbosa 2
Dandynha Barbosa (Photo: Instagram / Reproduction)
1598806481469465 anna carolina bassi de look carol bassi e sapatos paula torres
Anna Carolina Bassi of Carol Bassi look and Paula Torres shoes
1598806481736554 instagram carol bassi brand o culos by helena bordon e carol bassi1598806481917420 instagram carol bassi brand o culos by helena bordon e carol bassi 2
Carol Bassi Brand (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806482123823 instagram elisa zarzur 21598806483010028 instagram elisa zarzur
Elisa Zarzur (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806483246727 instagram duda galvani
Duda Galvani (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806483467638 instagram dolps
Dolps (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806483660116 instagram glenda barreto 31598806483920744 instagram glenda barreto
1598806484164637 instagram glenda barreto 2
Glenda Barreto (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806484432208 priscila idalgo cinto soleah
Priscila Idalgo wears Soleah Belt
1598806484673347 instaram carlota costa1598806484957190 instaram carlota costa 2
Carlota Costa (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806485197387 instagram soleah
Soleah (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806485451142 instagram nv 21598806485665071 instagram nv
NV by Nati Vozza (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806485917117 renata figueiredo de yukio
Renata Figueiredo uses Yukio
1598806486138084 samanta piacini lemon basics divulgac a o
Samanta Piacini uses Lemon Basics (Photo: Disclosure)
1598806486362262 instagram lari duarte 21598806486619758 instagram lari duarte
Lari Duarte (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806486864539 evangeline boleggi de soleah
Evangeline Boleggi wears Soleah
1598806487079995 instagram amanda pinho1598806487319562 instagram ca celico
Amanda Pinho and Ca Celico (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806487567251 helena silvarolli look carol bassi
Helena Silvarolli wears Carol Bassi Brand look
1598806487832615 instagram joge
Play (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
1598806488060207 instagram gabriela nascimento1598806488296345 instagram marcela nardez
1598806488536517 instagram mari rios
Gabriela Nascimento; Marcela Nardez and Mari Rios (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
1598806488771993 instagram helena silvarolli 2
Helena Silvarolli (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

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