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What is worth remembering from the new Valentino collection

In Paris Fashion Week, Valentino introduced the latest edition of 2019. autumn collection, which combines high fashion and street fashion.
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This collection is like poetry on the streets of the city. Tough cuts overlap with suspended sculptures, printed casual clothes (jumpers, overalls, neoprene dresses) takes on subtle elegance. Long neck coiled ribbons and fashion house Valentino haute couture characteristic style reflects with structured silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.

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1. Hats

One of the main accents of the collection was the bucket hat. This time, they are extremely sculptural, tied with ribbons under the chin, sewn not only from the rigid fetish but also from the collage-like prints embellished with lace or gown.

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2. Prints

The second element is the embroidered roses, embroidered sculptures, space constellations, and butterflies, clad in clothes and accessories from the 19th century. Neoclassicism and pop culture hints. These prints are decorated with minimalist haircuts, dresses, sweaters and luxurious evening dresses.

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3. Trapeze

Valentino's creative director at Pierpaolo Piccioli's autumn collection highlighted the trapeze silhouette. The shrugs or royal evening dresses, the cloaks, the bright tunics, shrugged down from the graceful patterns.

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4. Feathers and lace

For the autumn-winter collection, the romance was also given by Valentino's first-ever adornments. These are the feathers that make up the coats, luxurious dresses and hats. There is also a lace sewn like an application framing paintings printed on dresses.

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5. Makeup

Another element about which not only fashion but also the beauty world speaks is romantic futuristic makeup. The eyebrows are bleached, the lips are almost blurred, and the eyes are framed in monochrome shades of pastel shades: olive blossoms, pink, green and copper.

Valentino 2019-2020 autumn and winter collection


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