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L'Officiel x Jaunā Teika

L'Officiel Baltic in cooperation with Jaunā Teika add one more category in Gourmand Guide Awards 2019!
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The main goal of Gourmand Guide Awards 2019 is to highlight and develop the best products and dishes of the year of the local food industries, and together with a competent team and a specially selected jury give readers and consumers their rating of products in 57 nominations.

Every restaurant, food producer, cafe, shop, family business, whose product or food corresponds to one of the groups: food, product, place, can apply, as well as participants of the festival Rīgas Street Food taste organized by Jaunā Teika, writing to email: gourmandguide@lofficielbaltics.com





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Street Food Taste

L'Officiel Baltic in collaboration with the Jaunā Teika creates a new extra category for Gourmand Guide Awards 2019 contest - Street Food taste! Only Riga Steet food taste participants can apply this category, as well as Riga Steet Food taste participants are offered a one-time opportunity, to apply in any of the Gourmand Guide Awards 2019 nominations!

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