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The Best Vegan Restaurants in LA

These California eateries make a mean, animal-free meal.
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Los Angeles is a city in shape. Everywhere you look people are getting fit, either for their next audition or to live a healthy lifestyle in the California sun. It’s that same reasoning that makes the food scene in the city so great. On one corner, there may be a raw vegetable restaurant, and across the street, a taco truck. Either because of those abstaining from animal products or for diners just looking to eat more naturally, many of the city’s best restaurants are crafting vegan dishes that attract even the most carnivorous of eaters. Here are some of our favorites.

Botanica Restaurant

This restaurant skips the frills of fancy plating and ambient effects for the reason we all walk into a restaurant: a really great meal. The vegetable centered menu is full of fresh offerings in an unpretentious building in trendy Silver Lake. Our favorite dish is the Cassoulet Vert, filled with cannellini beans and a fried garlic gremolata. The restaurant also has an expansive wine list. To really drive home the importance of their food, the restaurant also has a small magazine to educate interested eaters on what you’re putting in your mouth and why it’s helpful.


Whether you live in LA or not, you’d probably recognize a dish at Sqirl from your Instagram feed. The restaurant has blown up all over social media for it’s picture perfect breakfast dishes and incredible jams. Waiting in line is an unfortunate price to pay for food that’s well worth your time. Vegan options are available for a number of dishes across the menu, though The Stella, a version of the sorrel pesto rice with kale and radish, stands above the rest.


A New York favorite, this fast casual chain has migrated west with everything from burgers and fries to smoothies and ice cream to beat that summer in LA heat. The food is really affordable and strikes the perfect balance between veganism’s restrictions and the fast-food feeling you just crave every now and again, just without the regret afterward. While the small chain offers plenty of sandwiches and desserts, one of the best and oft-overlooked options are the ready-made quinoa and kale salads, paired with a Kombucha.


One of LA’s best fine dining establishments is also one of it’s most vegetable centered menus. Patina, run by acclaimed chef Joachim Splichal, offers an incredible tasting menu with options of either three or six course seating. Dishes range from roasted beet salads to grilled Napa cabbage. While the restaurant also offers a wide range of wine, beer, and cocktails, one of the most impressive offerings is a broad sample of waters from around the world. Each one offering a distinct personality and complexity that makes its corresponding dish sing when eaten.

Home Restaurant

Sometimes, you just need a burger. Maybe it’s to watch the game with, maybe it’s just been a long day at the office. Home, in Los Feliz, is a great place to relax that feels as comfortable as the name would make it sound. While home offers a number of options for any kind of diner, the burger is best served vegan. The dish features a corn and black bean patty, served on a vegan challah bread, and with a vegan friendly chipotle aioli and caramelized onions. If after a heavy burger you’re feeling a little sluggish, pop next door for one of the neighborhood’s best coffees at H Coffee.

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