Every Uncomfortable Moment from Trump's State of the Union Address

If you're like everyone else, who didn't watch the State of the Union yesterday, here's what happened.
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Nancy Pelosi's condescending clap, Joshua Trump (no relation to the acting chief of state) falling asleep mid-Address, the entirety of Democratic female Congress breaking the no-white after Labor Day rule.  This is what you missed if you, like everyone else, carried on with your Tuesday evening rather than watching yet another dismal declaration of our country's seemingly irreparable pitfalls, i.e. the State of the Union.

This year's SOTU, while keeping with the current administration's theme of disillusionment, did provide significant fodder for the internet's insatiable desire to troll.  One of the most notable memes to come out of the event was Nancy Pelosi's patronizing applause following Trump's speech, which can be likened to Nicole Kidman's infamous Oscars golf clap of 2018.

Another prime example of the meme-ification of the SOTU was Joshua Trump's heroic slumber during the president's speech on enforcing stricter border control.  The 11-year-old boy was invited by Melania Trump, after hearing that he had been bullied so severely for sharing the last name of the president that he was forced to leave his school.  Although his presence could have made him an optimal target for further bullying, Joshua's mid-SOTU nap led many to praise him as the unsung leader of the anti-Trump movement, generating such responses as "Welcome to the resistance" and "He's literally sleeping on Trump."

Whether your mood was reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi or Joshua Trump, we can all agree that this year's State of the Union is best experienced through the internet.

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