Introducing: Lynor Jewelry by Edward Kandaleft

L'Officiel Arabia speaks with Edward Kandaleft about Lynor - new affordable fine jewelry brand in Dubai.
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As the founder and general manager of Lynor Jewelry, Edward Kandaleft is a young entrepreneur who has fused his Syrian roots and background in jewelry production, to create a beautiful, new affordable fine jewelry brand in Dubai.

At 24 years old, Edward has a vast array of knowledge about art and jewelry from around the world. Hailing from Damascus, Edward is a 3rd generation jeweler who takes his inspiration from the rich heritage of jewelry making from his homeland. Lynor was founded when Edward combined this muse with his fascination of western jewelry brands where aspects of storytelling and creative branding are implemented - all he learnt whilst studying Art History at the University of Edinburgh

Coming from a family of creatives, Edward spent some time working with his father after studying for his Master’s in Business Strategy and Leadership at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was here that he began to envision the brand that is now Lynor.

Edward Kandaleft

“I joined my father’s jewelry-making company in Dubai, where I gained great knowledge about jewelry making, jewelry workshop management, and the local jewelry market mechanisms. During that time, I started the strategic planning for my upcoming jewelry brand, which I decided to call Lynor, derived from Eleonor, meaning light, which for me is a symbol of happiness, hope and new beginnings. My vision for Lynor is to become an international jewelry brand that offers playful, meaningful, easy-to-wear, and affordable jewelry for women and men”.

A vision that started at the age of 13 years old; the creativity and knowledge of his younger years is exactly why he is a founder to be trusted, as he incorporates the knowledge of 3 generations of jewelers into this wonderful and enlightening jewelry brand.

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Lynor Jewelry | Diamond Sunshine Collection | Photos: Courtesy of Lynor

L'O: What made you decide to start your own brand? 

EK: Starting a jewelry brand has been my dream since I was a teenager. My father is a jeweler, I was always fascinated by the fine pieces of jewelry that he produces, especially the jewelry making process that starts in melting the gold bars and ends with an elegant finished piece. This inspired me to complied ideas, which I have been doing for years. I have drawn countless sketches and created many mood boards for my ideal brand. After I finished my studies, I joined my father’s jewelry making company in Dubai, where I gained more knowledge about jewelry making, jewelry workshop management, and the local jewelry market mechanisms. It was during that time that I started the strategic planning for my upcoming jewelry brand.


EK: I decided to call my brand Lynor as this derives from a name that has been in my family for generations - Eleonor, which means light. It seemed a perfect fit for my vision, as light is a symbol of happiness, hope and new beginnings.

L'O: You have studied Art History at the University of Edinburgh. How does art spark your creativity?

EK: I want to design each piece of jewelry like a piece of art, we see the creative process that artists put into their murals and canvases - I want to put that same dedication and detail into my collections. Art for me is the attention to the symbolism, the detail and what is not being said directly. The undertones and the way that the colors that are chosen, it’s all part of forming a masterpiece.

L'O: What inspires you the most?

EK: My designs are inspired by the elements, the shapes and the textures of classical and traditional jewelry. It is the gold coins that grandmas collected, the playful anklets and bracelets, as well as the timeless and versatile pendants that I try to capture that in my jewelry collections.

1584807567251644 double aura beads necklace1584807568161770 sunshine earrings
Lynor Jewelry | Double Aura Beads Necklace and Sunshine Earrings | Both 18k Gold

L'O: How do you design? What form do your earliest ideas for a collection take?

EK: It is a combination of ideas. I am establishing a brand that is full of meaning and symbolism, therefore I want to use powerful symbols that are representative of Lynor or ‘Light’. The symbol of the sun is the basis of how the entire “Rays of Light” collection was designed. I pair this with my vision for the brand which is to create timeless pieces that are delicately beautiful and will complement all outfits for everyday occasions. 

L'O: What is your favorite part of the process of making the jewelry?

EK: I am a very creative person so, my main passion is the initial phase design of the jewelry, It is the time where I am free to create, to imagine what the piece could be. I can choose the materials and the whole world of possibilities is at my fingertips. I love to create a space where I can imagine the kind of woman that I am designing it for and the meaning that I want this piece to carry, then I set my imagination free as I design each piece.

L'O: The most poetic stone for you is...

EK: There is something special about the pearl, it is classic stone that is timeless and gives a feeling of elegance to those that own them. Pearls have been a romantic symbol as well as a key stone within high-fashion for centuries. For this reason, I incorporate freshwater pearls into my designs, to enhance the meaning of the jewelry brand that I am creating.

L'O: What is your favorite art history period and why?

EK: The era of Romanticism is a favorite of mine as the artists infused emotions, feelings and moods with imaginative ideas that carried mystery and fervor. I also really love the era of symbolism because of the deep meanings in each piece of art that were expressed indirectly. 

Sunshine Coin Necklace

L'O: A key piece of your debut “Rays of Light” collection?

EK: The whole “Rays of Light” collection is based on the symbol of the sun, I have design pieces such as the "Sunshine Coin Necklace" to be a delicate accompaniment to everyday outfits, but still stand out as a symbol of hope and light. It has been designed with 18k gold and it carries the durability and quality to be a piece that lasts a lifetime. This is a key piece that sets the tone for the rest of the collection as well as Lynor on the whole.

L'O: Which book character would be perfect with Lynor jewelry on?

EK: A modern day Anna Karenina or Scarlett O'Hara. A woman who knows what she wants, who carries herself with poise and confidence.

Lynor Jewelry by Edward Kandaleft | Photo: Courtesy of Lynor

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