Jabob Arabo: jeweler of flamboyance

A flamboyant figure of the jeweler's seraglio, a sparkling star of exceptional watchmaking, Jacob Arabo passionately loves the unreasonable.
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In Switzerland, at the Baselword trade fair, the Jacob & co. proclaims the ambition and the singularity of the house: sparkling stones of considerable proportions rub shoulders with luxurious timepieces with assumed volumes. The set makes up a truly original offer marked with the seal of the personality of a single man. This man is Jacob Arabo, shiny hair, gourmet tan, beguiling smile, frank look, laughing apple, smooth manners, suit carefully cut from carefully chosen fabrics: irresistible elegance, a little timeless, halfway between the man of confidence and the conjurer.


This allure sums up and explains the extraordinary fate of a true character in a novel or spy son who would be called "the Jeweler who loved me" or "The jeweler who came from the cold". Because Jacob Arabo has seen and known everything. He left his native Uzbekistan at the age of 14 to settle with his family in New York, in Queens.

Family incomes are modest. The father of young Jacob prepares hot dogs in a back shop. The teenager who enrolled in jewelry training given by Hasidic Jews already dreams of prosperity and opulence.


His natural empathy and formidable ease, reinforced by a great aptitude for work, will pave the way for him. Between the small workshop set up in a room at the first boutique inaugurated on Sixth Avenue, few years have passed. A tireless traveler, Jacob is a skilled salesperson who understands and anticipates the tastes of a targeted clientele. Quickly, he became the favorite jeweler of the stars of American rap. The stars love the originality of Jacob & co's creations. They also love the man behind these creations, they love the respect he shows for the universe and the personality of his customers. Kanye West and Jay Z quote the jeweler in their song. Jacob Arabo is a star.


From flamboyant jeweler to outstanding watchmaker

Flamboyant jeweler for flamboyant and sometimes even sulphurous customers, Jacob Arabo has started a second life which coincides with the start of the new millennium. This new life goes through watchmaking. A demanding and unique watchmaking where precious stones share the spotlight with inventive calibers. This new core business where Mr. Arabo is visibly flourishing is accompanied by a new clientele which includes, for example, MBS (Mohammed Ben Salmane), Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.


Unlike jewelry, watchmaking did not welcome Jacob Arabo with open arms. When he decides to find suppliers who could give life to the watches he dreams of, the professionals are choosy: “Watchmakers in Switzerland treated me high,” he recalls. “It was extremely difficult to establish a relationship with them; they were rude and the prices were too high, as if to punish an American. I decided to start with a simpler quartz watch for which I did not need the Swiss. I made the Five Timezone watch (five time zones), whose look you could change at will thanks to different bracelets and kittens. I'm still wearing the first one I made. This watch has really revolutionized fashion watches. "


Confidence after watchmakers is gradually being established. Jacob & Co timepieces are growing in size, expanding with ambitious tourbillons, original movements, sophisticated complications housed in lush cases or thriving on voluminous dials a profusion of picturesque details. The SF24, the Epic X mark the spirits. The Astronomia and its minute repeater chime are hailed with enthusiasm as a spectacular feat. Jacob Arabo savored this victory and warmly praised the talent of master watchmaker Luca Soprano who accompanied him without reservation on this project: "My collaborators advised me not to invest money with Luca Soprana and his creative studio, Workshop 7:38. Everyone was against it, but I decided to do it. And, unlike other Swiss watchmakers, Luca said yes to the Astronomia. ".


Jacob Arabo's interest in watchmaking was not a flash in the pan. Patience and requirement have obviously presided over the design of original timepieces that combine poetry and complexity. This patience and this requirement have earned "Jacob the jeweler" to become a respected figure in the austere and closed world of fine watchmaking. This victory was confirmed by the launch of prestigious partnerships, with Bugatti in particular. "I always had a sure eye" concedes Jacob Arabo who founded his house 34 years ago and who now shares his stroke of pencil between fine jewelry and fine watchmaking. What do these two universes have in common, one of which is exclusively feminine and the other more readily masculine? Exclusivity precisely, and also a certain spirit of adventure. Jacob Arabo is like his creations, he is also like his customers: larger than life.


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