New pieces in COCO CRUSH Collection

Rings on each finger, bracelets worn all together on one wrist, with or without a clasp, right-side up or upside down …

Created in 2015, Coco Crush was the first quilted jewellery created by the brand. Chanel has now released new additions to the collection, including 18k gold quilted earrings, a motif bangle in 18k gold and diamonds, and a two-finger ring. Matching the rest of Coco Crush, these pieces can be worn together or separately, as well as stacked, leaving the choice to the wearer as they grow their collection.

Accompanying the release is a set of images of Keira Knightley, demonstrating the different ways to wear the collection. Classic, elegant, and strong, Knightley embodies the spirit of the collection, continuing her collaboration with the fashion house.


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