Tiffany & Co. Will Now Share Where Its Diamonds Come From

The luxury jeweller leads a new era of diamond transparency with its Diamond Source Initiative.
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Always wanted to know where your diamonds come from? Now you’ll be able to with Tiffany & Co.’s new Diamond Source Initiative that champions an era of diamond transparency.

In an industry first, Tiffany will be the only global luxury jeweller to provide consumers geographic sourcing information specific to their diamond as the brand believes that knowing provenance is critical to ensuring responsible sourcing.

“Tiffany & Co. has long been committed to diamond traceability and going above and beyond industry norms to promote the protection of the environment and human rights,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer, Tiffany & Co. “A transparent journey of responsible sourcing reflects the many positive and far reaching benefits along every step of the diamond supply chain.”

Building upon 20 years of investment in responsible sourcing, the Tiffany Diamond Source Initiative will allow the brand to trace each of its individually registered diamonds (0.18 carats and larger) by a unique serial number that’s etched by laser and invisible to the naked eye.

The initiative has already been rolled out and today, provenance information is displayed alongside a selection of diamond rings in Tiffany stores around the world. In addition, geographic sourcing information for all individually registered diamonds will be made available to consumers via Tiffany & Co. sales professionals and customer service.

By the end of March 2019, Tiffany Diamond Certificates will also include provenance for individually sourced diamonds and in 2020, the brand will begin sharing the craftsman journey (such as cutting and polishing workshop location) of its diamonds as well.

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