5 extraordinary and luxurious cars from 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 brings technological innovations from the automotive sector.
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For the first time in its more than 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show, CES as it is known, took place in a virtual way. Virtual visitors were able to check out the latest in automotive technology, with innovative models and material applications. See the list of 5 fascinating hypercars:


1 - BMW iX

Although the huge nostrils and the square fenders can cause strangeness to those who hoped for better aesthetics, the BMW Bimmer is a harbinger of the future. Entirely electric, the crossover has cameras behind its false grid and has radar and sensor functions of all kinds. With the new iDrive brain, BMW announces a paradigm shift. The car still has more than 500 HP and a range of 573 miles and promises to win a good audience on its arrival in 2022.

1611333375370486 bmw1
Photo: BMW

2 - Cadillac VTOL

Since the film "Back to the Future 2", a whole generation of spectators has longed for flying cars. The Cadillac VTOL drone (with takeoff and vertical landing) was designed to make aeromobility possible. With takeoff and vertical landing, the VTOL combines electricity in an autonomous personal transport vehicle. Its 90kWh EV engine powers four rotors. The flying Fleetwood is the Cadillac's biggest highlight since the 1967 El Dorado.

1611333375641143 cadillac1
Photo: Cadillac

3 - GMC Hummer EV

The fully electric pickup truck came to correct the mistakes of GM's past, being environmentally friendly. The Hummer EV is able to go from speed 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds. It reaches 1000 hp and churns a numbing combined axle of 11,500 ft lbs of electric touch, with an estimated 350 mile range. The supertruck is smooth on the road and capable of moving through the most challenging terrain. Reservations are already being accepted.

1611333375893033 gmc1
Photo: GMC

4 - Hyperion XP-1

Based on hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Hyperion XP-1 is powered by the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Power Module (PEM), which powers electric magnet motors coupled to a three-speed transmission. In less than 2.2 s it goes from zero to 60mph and reaches a top speed of more than 221mph. With four-wheel drive and a range of 1016 miles, the hypercar can be refueled in five minutes, thanks to its innovative hydrogen storage systems. Although it looks too good to be true, the Hyperion prototype has already been taken to Las Vegas, proving its veracity.

1611333376138786 hyperion12
Photo: Disclosure

5 - Mercedez-Benz Vision AVTR

The model presented by Mercedes-Benz is notable for its ability to drive the front and rear axles simultaneously, in opposite directions, or from side to side. Its high voltage battery is compact and powerful, developed with graphene-based organic cell chemistry that does not depend on toxic metals. With agility and grace, Vision AVTR promises to lead the advancement of EV technology.

1611333376367152 avtr112
Photo: Disclosure

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