Inside Tom Ford's mansion

The property has an impressive living room with an alabaster marble staircase and mirrored glass walls.
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The imposing London mansion was owned by the fashion icon Tom Ford, since he bought it in 1997 for £ 2.55 million. The property features a celebrity neighborhood: Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, the late David Bowie and George Michael. It is rumored that the previous owner of the house was Duran Duran's keyboardist, Nick Rhodes.

The imposing black gates open to the white facade. The mansion has an impressive living room with an alabaster marble staircase and mirrored glass walls. On one side there is a reception room with black walls and sofas, on the other an elegant dining room with wood panels.

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The stairs go down to a kind of basement, where the kitchen, suite, gym, sauna and cellar are located. On the second floor, there is a studio on one side and a cozy guest room with gray panels on the other. In the master suite, located on the third floor, the walls and even the ceiling are lined with matte stainless steel. Across the hall is the spacious master bathroom and huge closet. On the fourth floor is a vast deck overlooking the London skyline.

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Charles Olver, the partner and the head of sales at the brokerage said: “The house gives a general feeling of well-being immersed, it is an exquisite work of art. With an interior created by one of the biggest creative names in fashion, you might not expect anything less. But still get ready to be surprised”.

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