Sauvage touch

It's the new moon night. Silver stars illuminate the dark blue horizon marking the great heavenly path.

Deep in the wild, the forest rustles vividly, from the deep waters rises invigorating freshness. The shaman turned to his fire ritual burning salvia in the smoke of the Holy forest in dancing, queling fires. Over the desert swirling dizzying smell…

1563877302362121 sauvage eau de tiolette new
Sauvage Eau De Toilette: strong and sparkling, sunlit
1563877355754422 sauvage eau de parfum new
Sauvage Eau De Parfum: sensual and mysterious, in the magical hour
1563877366008226 sauvage parfum new
Sauvage Parfum: gloomy and passionate, under the new moon

Sauvage's handwriting has become denser, a deep zest is felt. Perfume exudes sandalwood smoothingits and gentle facets, combined with smoky accents of mystical incense. Tonka beans give sauvewild attractiveness. Surrounded by a gourmet vannilla suit that unleashes full maturity and languor.

1563877738087637 sauvage features

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