Vacheron Constantin certifies all of its watches with Blockchain technology

In 2019, Vacheron Constantin was among the first watchmakers to join the Blockchain technology in its anti-counterfeiting measures
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• Vacheron Constantin introduced in 2019 a digital certification of authenticity using Blockchain technology.

• Initially reserved for its vintage watches from the Les Collectionneurs collection, this certification will be extended to all Vacheron Constantin timepieces from the end of 2021.

• The Hour Club, the new site exclusive to the Maison's customers, will also allow them to benefit from services linked to the digital authentication of their watches.


In 2019, Vacheron Constantin was among the first watchmakers to integrate Blockchain technology into its anti-counterfeiting measures and into an innovative approach to customer service and ever more respectful of the environment (less paper). The watches in the Les Collectionneurs collection are therefore offered with a perfectly tamper-proof digital certificate of authenticity. The successes encountered during this first test phase prompted the Maison to extend this certification to all of its timepieces. Vacheron Constantin customers will also be able to register and retrieve digital authentication of their watches throughout their existence via the platform reserved for them, The Hour Club.

"Vacheron Constantin was one of the first watchmaking houses to pilot a digital certificate based on Blockchain technology, as we announced in May 2019: it is a natural development for our House to extend this certification today. digital to all of its collections. We are happy to support the creation of an innovative ecosystem around the Blockchain for the luxury industry”, says Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin. “Vacheron Constantin has always evolved with the times, and always at the service of its customers. Digital identity will transform the notion of ownership of a valuable object, by allowing its owner to follow its life cycle, to share or prove its ownership, to benefit from services specifically linked to its timepiece. Beyond the forgery-proof certificate itself, the owner has fingertip access to all the information relating to his watch, including technical data, user guide, authenticated history, as well as several services, including resale on WatchFinder and online after-sales service request ”.

The Blockchain is a solution in the fight against counterfeiting. This distributed database system, with information secured by encryption, makes it possible to free itself from paper authentication, which is easily subject to falsification. It thus makes it possible to create a digital certificate of authenticity impermeable to any attempt at counterfeiting and which follows the watch throughout its life, even if it has to change owners several times. A unique certificate is assigned to a unique object, securing data relating to the property, value, nature and authenticity of the good.

“We are very happy to give Vacheron Constantin the possibility of issuing and distributing digital identities based on blockchain technology. We hope to make the ownership of a Vacheron Constantin watch even more exceptional, traceable and transparent, while opening up the possibility of offering new services and reselling more easily ”, adds Pierre-Nicolas Hustel, co-founder and CEO of Arianee.


Concerned about offering its customers the best possible guarantees, Vacheron Constantin decided in 2019 to test this new certification. Pilot house of the Richemont group to integrate this technology, it carried out a first test phase with Les Collectionneurs, a collection of vintage watches found and chosen by the heritage specialists of the House to be offered to connoisseurs during dedicated events. In addition to the paper certificate, these timepieces now have a digital certificate guaranteeing their authenticity in a lasting, immutable and transparent manner. Following this very successful first test, Vacheron Constantin decided to extend this new certification to all of its timepieces and Richemont joined the Arianee consortium as a partner, encouraging the emergence of a standard and an ecosystem around this technology. From the end of 2021, all watches from the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin collections will benefit from a digital certificate integrated into this highly secure information storage and transmission system.

With this extension of the Blockchain certification, Vacheron Constantin announces the launch of The Hour Club, a digital platform exclusive to the Maison's customers which will serve as a support in the traceability and authentication of their watches. With The Hour Club, however, it is not only a question of certification but of a full-fledged watchmaking universe. Connoisseurs and owners of Vacheron Constantin watches will be able to discover a world of experiences with specific content developed for them, including invitations to Maison events. With this new digital certification, the customer takes control over the quality, authenticity and traceability of his watch and everything related to it.

About Arianee

Founded in 2017, Arianee is an independent, non-profit consortium whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuables. The Arianee protocol makes it possible to associate a unique and tamper-proof digital identity with any valuable object. This digital "identity card" opens a new permanent, secure and anonymous communication channel between brands, owners and objects. Based on blockchain technology, the solution implemented by Arianee is open source and decentralized. Arianee services offers the first Saas platform and the first mobile solutions allowing the full use of the Arianee protocol by brands.

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